9 Tips To Improve Your HVAC Website Design & Increase Conversions

 Are you embarrassed by the look and feel of your company’s website? Are you frustrated that people are not calling your company? Are you struggling to generate HVAC leads from your website? Hi, I’m Brett Lewis, from L4 Group. We specialize in producing effective, lead-generating websites specifically for HVAC companies. L4 Group was founded…

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Quarterly Newsletter – August, 2019

Transcript: L4 Group Quarterly Newsletter Video (August 2019) In today’s world of digital marketing, content is critical. Blog posts are the most common type of written content. Other types of content like infographics, video and PDF download yield high ROI. However, the best results come from more in-depth material. Some forms of more in-depth content…

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The 3 Worst SEO Mistakes Your HVAC Company Can Make

A laptop on a wooden table

From technical stuff to keywords, many heating and cooling websites make SEO mistakes that are costing them a fortune. In this article, we discuss 3 SEO mistakes that your HVAC company must avoid to improve your SEO and your search engine rankings.

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Quarterly Newsletter – April, 2019

Transcript: L4 Group Quarterly Newsletter Video (April 2019) We all understand the importance of being found on Google. For local businesses, one of the keys for local dominance is a well optimized, Google My Business listing. Google has been investing heavily in their GMB platform, Google My Business for short. And, they have been making…

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Top Tips For Successful Landing Page Conversions

best practices for landing page optimization

A successful website will incorporate landing pages that should not only reach viewers’ eyes, but should reach their emotions in a way that they feel compelled to provide you with their contact information and click “Submit” as quickly as possible. This article contains top tips for creating successful landing pages that convert traffic into leads.

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