Digital Marketing Resources Endorsed by L4 Group

Below are third-party resources to support all of your digital marketing needs that are endorsed by L4 Group.



wpEngine - This is the only hosting company for WordPress websites being used as a company's primary, branded website that is endorsed by L4 Group.

Hosixy - This is a good platform for non-WordPress websites or for WordPress websites that are not your company's primary site.

ActiveCampaign - This is an awesome, cost-effective marketing automation tool that is perfect for companies that have their own CRM system. This tool excels at lead capture forms, email marketing, and automated email marketing follow-up systems.

HubSpot - This is an all-inclusive marketing automation tool that is good for companies looking to implement a closed-loop, complete online system, including a CRM system and website hosting. Call Brett at L4 Group to request a new account. Call (610) 471-0001.





Zapier - This awesome software enables many softwares to "talk" to each other without the need to have expensive software programming or custom API code built. Easily connect two separate software systems to each other with the "glue" of Zapier.

Handwrytten - Automatically send handwritten note cards to your customers, prospects, and/or leads with Handwrytten. Coupled with a marketing automation system like ActiveCampaign, you have the power to send handwritten cards to contacts in an automated manner, giving you the personalized touch that excellent customer service is all about.