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L4 Group provides social media content creation and posting services for local businesses. We post to Facebook, Twitter and your Google MyBusiness (map listing) page on your behalf.

It is important to keep your social pages current and fresh. Today's consumers visit a company's Facebook, Twitter and GMB page regularly. Make sure that your business has exciting, up-to-date content that resonates with your audience and continues to build your brand awareness.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

We post to your social platforms so you don't need to spend the time doing it your self. Our team will consult with you initially to identify the types of content that are appropriate to post to your business page. We develop a posting strategy and make sure that you are comfortable with the approach.

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What Is Social Media Marketing?

Strictly speaking, social media marketing is the utilization of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc to promote your brand, product, and services. It is hugely important for local businesses to embrace their customer base on social platforms.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Having a well thought out social media marketing strategy is important. This ensures that your brand messaging and positioning is consistent.

Additionally, it is important to create a mix of content that your audience finds useful, informative, and fun. Basically, make sure to not always be posting about you and your products/services! That is sure to have a negative impact with your followers!

L4 Group implements a social media strategy that mixes up various post types. What types of content do we post? Basically, we publish content that falls into these types of categories:

  • Local events
  • Industry news and events
  • Your own company news and events
  • Tasteful, humorous content
  • Human interest content (for example "Throwback Thursday" posts, "Did you Know..." posts, recipes, etc)
  • Branded photo posts
  • Customer appreciation posts
  • Special offers that your company is running
  • Holiday posts
  • and more.

Here are some sample Facebook posts we have made in the past:

facebook posts

As a company looking to succeed in today’s Internet business environment, it’s important to develop a social media strategy to enhance your company in a number of different ways.

Most people think that social media is only good for catching up with friends, gossiping online and ultimately messing around while trying to have a good time. But they don’t realize that social media is having more and more of an impact on the business world.

For starters, the search engines are placing more weight on social signals than ever before. So developing social media for your business is going to help search engine rankings from here on out. It’s one of the major ranking factors and it can no longer be ignored.

Social Media Marketing FAQs

The Importance Of Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great way to engage with your local market. It’s a fantastic way to reach out to prospects and customers and develop a relationship with these people.

Now you may be thinking…

Why develop a relationship with the market? In today’s business world, your customers want to get to know you better. They want to know who they are doing business with on a personal level. They want to know as much as they can find out about you. Here are more reasons why social media marketing is import for local businesses. Read more.

That’s how you succeed in today’s social environment, and using social media is the best way to tap into the community at large.

Are you ready to take your social media marketing to the next level? Call us at 610-471-0001 and we can help you develop a strategy today.

I’m sure you have many more questions about social media in today’s business world, so we will try to answer them as best as possible.

For starters, which social media platforms are the most effective?

Let’s take a look…


This shouldn’t come as a major surprise to you since Facebook has around 1 billion users at this time. It’s amazing to know that about one out of seven people use Facebook on a regular basis. Talk about tapping into huge amounts of traffic instantly!

But why is Facebook so effective?

Well, not only does it have a tremendous amount of subscribers, but it’s a great way to engage with prospects. And when it comes to local businesses, this is the most powerful platform in the world at this time. You should not ignore it because of the high engagement numbers, and it could literally create tremendous business opportunities for local and national businesses alike.


This should be a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many businesses are still neglecting LinkedIn. We would like to help remedy this situation as soon as possible.

Why establish a presence on LinkedIn?

Well, it is specifically designed for businesses. If you are looking for a phenomenal way to boost your credibility in the marketplace, engaging on LinkedIn and providing relevant content on this network is the best way to do so.

People all over the world are turning to LinkedIn to find the best experts in every niche. Without a presence on this website, your market will have a tougher time finding you. They will not see what you have to offer and you’ll lose out on so many potential business opportunities.

We do not want to see the Internet pass you by, so allow us the opportunity to help establish your presence on LinkedIn today. Give us a call at 610-471-0001 to get started.


Now that Twitter has introduced find and other applications that have turned it into much more of a contextual platform, it’s becoming quite effective and relevant as far as local marketing efforts are concerned.

You can increase engagement by tapping into trends and using relevant hashtags, and embedded tweets are another way to reach your potential targeted audience.

So that’s it in a nutshell. We’ve just mentioned the four major social media platforms in which you need to develop a presence. There are other sites like Pinterest and Instagram as well, but some businesses will not benefit from the picture sharing aspect of social media sites.

Putting It All Together

I bet this sounds like a lot of work, right? You’re trying to run a business, not become a social butterfly. But it’s necessary in today’s Internet world.

That’s why you should let us do the heavy lifting for you! Call us at 610-471-0001 and we’ll take your social media presence to the next level.

Brand Awareness & Promotion

There has never been an easier platform than social media to promote a brand. In the past, brand awareness required a huge investment and was left to companies like Coca-Cola, Nike, and Walmart. Today, it is easy for local businesses to compete with big brands through the use of social media.

Customer Engagement

Today's consumers are looking for instant communication and gratification. Opening up a communication channel within your social media accounts is an excellent way to keep your customers engaged and to further promote and foster your brand. It is easy to create a personal relationship and to strengthen your customer's engagement with your brand.

Social Word of Mouth Referrals

There is nothing better than word-of-mouth referral. In today's digital age, social media is a congregation of customers that are having discussions related to your products and services. This is an excellent platform to foster and leverage word-of-mouth referrals. You may have seen this yourself, someone posting a question like this, "I need a repair-man for my heating system. Does anybody have a recommendation?"  Wouldn't it be nice to tap into that referral network?

Brand Loyalty

Having a strong social presence on platforms where your consumers congregate and hang out on the Internet makes it easy to build brand loyalty. Think of it like this, it is much easier to go to the locations that your consumers are hanging out in order to engage in conversation. It is much easier to provide stellar customer support within the platforms that your customers are currently engaged in.

Increased Website Traffic

Consistent publication of relevant posts on platforms like Facebook and Twitter with links that drive traffic back to your website is an excellent method to increase website traffic and visitors. We implement strategies within your social media marketing strategic plan to sprinkle when promotions and savings discounts that drive traffic to your website. Additionally, these types of posts get social shares which help to widen the net of consumers become aware of your brand.

Social Media Marketing For Small Business

We Provide Expert, Proven Results, Time & Time Again!


Strategic Marketing Plan

We develop a customized social media marketing plan for your business that encompasses best-in-class strategies to promote your brand while keeping your social customers and followers enganged with your company.


Awesome Team

Our team of social media marketing experts is well versed in the particular needs of your customers within the home services industry. We have utilize a library of avatars depicting your typical customers, allowing us to easily speak the language that they can relate to. This helps with conversions across all your social channels.

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