Inbound Content Marketing For HVAC, Plumbers and Energy Companies

Inbound marketing is an Internet marketing approach that is focused on attracting new customers using your website, social media platforms and other online channels. Inbound marketing is the process of positioning your company's messaging in front of customers in a manner that is not interruptive.  In other words, presenting your information in front of potential customers when they are actively looking for your services or products.

Traditional outbound marketing or direct response mail marketing (direct mail) relies on a disruptive methodology. For example, sending a post card to a customer's house to grab attention. Conversely, inbound marketing positions you in front of the prospective customer when they are ACTIVELY looking for the information you can supply.

L4 Group designs and creates content to address the typical HVAC, plumbing and energy problems and needs of your ideal, prospective customers. This enables us to attract qualified prospects and helps us establish trust and credibility for your business.

At L4 Group, we believe in turning strangers into customers and promoters of your business. This is a philosophy adopted by HubSpot and we use this with our customers. Additionally, L4 Group is a HubSpot Agency and we can help you with all of your inbound marketing needs.

The image below shows the process that a total stranger goes through when they are exposed to your company's inbound marketing:
HubSpot Inbound Methodology