Resources Endorsed by L4 Group

Below are third-party resources that are endorsed by L4 Group.

Website Hosting

wpEngine - This is the only hosting company for WordPress websites being used as a company's primary, branded website that is endorsed by L4 Group.

Hosixy - This is a good platform for non-WordPress websites or for WordPress websites that are not your company's primary site. Click here sign up for hosting with Hosixy.

Marketing Automation

ActiveCampaign - This is an awesome, cost-effective marketing automation tool that is perfect for companies that have their own CRM system. This tool excels at lead capture forms, email marketing, and automated email marketing follow-up systems.

HubSpot - This is an all-inclusive marketing automation tool that is good for companies looking to implement a closed-loop, complete online system, including a CRM system and website hosting. Call Brett at L4 Group to request a new account. Call (610) 471-0001.


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