Examples of Hyper-Local Marketing

local geo targeted marketingIn the old days when people wanted to call a company but didn’t have the phone number, they would search the White Pages. If they wanted to find a type of business, they’d search the Yellow Pages. But in today’s digital world, search is key. If a local company is targeting a local market but doesn’t have enormous name recognition, being found by search engines is crucial.

If you own a local company and someone is looking for your services in one specific area, town or city, you want to be on the first page of their search result. That is when hyper-local webpages come into play.

At L4 Group, we build pages on local business websites that are specifically targeted for keyword phrases in a city or town that these local companies service. Having hyperlocal marketing pages that represent your entire service area will allow you to easily connect with your customers in their town and allow them to connect with you. Not sure what hyper local pages are? Click here to learn more.

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Here are three examples of hyperlocal pages that we have worked on for some of our clients:

Cents-able Oil

Cents-able Oil provides home heating oil products in the Greater New Haven, CT area with delivery, repair and installation service.

We created a hyperlocal page for each of the towns where Cents-able Oil provides service. As an example, when someone searches on Internet a home heating oil provider around Madison, CT, they will find Cents-able Oil through the hyperlocal page built for Madison, CT.

hyper-local strategy example

PFO Heating & Air Conditioning

PFO Heating & Air Conditioning offers fuel oil delivery as well as heaters, boilers, furnace and air conditioning installations and service in New Jersey & Pennsylvania.

For this particular client, we had to build 90 different hyperlocal pages based on their service area, which included 90 different towns.

Search engines also give a lot of weight to online reviews. Therefore, we also added a local heat map and a review section where prospects customers are able to check the recent reviews and opinion from other customers. This type of social proof helps in the sales process by solidifying the reputation of the company.

local business online marketing techniques

R.F. Ohl

R.F. Ohl offers fuel delivery, heating & cooling products and fire and patio solutions for houses and businesses.

For this client, we built a case study of one of their customer’s experiences with one of their products and installation. As a result, this webpage, which can be found on the client’s website, is also used as a hyperlocal page.

When someone is looking on Internet for a solution for their cooling/heating problem of his house located in Bethlehem, this case study will function as a hyperlocal page and will appear at the top of his search.

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An important aspect to highlight from these examples is that all of these hyperlocal pages share the same characteristics:

  • They have a unique content city by city
  • There is good amount of content in order to be ranked well in Google
  • They are not “doorway pages”
  • You can find links to go to other parts of the website
  • And you will always have a call to action: “Click Here To Order Oil”, “Call today for repairs”, etc.

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