seo marketingAll webmasters should be aware of the technical SEO issues which can be crucial to high search engine rankings. If you neglect some of these technical matters, you may find that all of your other SEO efforts have been in vain. To implement SEO effectively, you need to install analytics on your site. The data you get from website analytics allows you to make wise decisions about your online promotional strategy. Undoubtedly, this data gives you a better understanding of how visitors interact with your website.

Bing Analytics And Google Analytics

Ideally, you should install Bing Analytics and Google Analytics on your site (both of these software tools are free). Program your analytics platform to monitor actions that are classed as sales conversions. The analytics interface will display which pages of your site are most popular, what kinds of people visit your website, where these people live, traffic trends through time and more. The importance of setting analytics up cannot be overstated, because it will enable you to keep on track with your search engine marketing endeavors.


Search Engine Spiders

Recently, Google has contacted many webmasters about robot.txt files. These files are added to site directories, to tell search engine spiders what to look at and what to ignore. Google has asked webmasters, who currently use robots.txt files to block JavaScript or CSS, to amend their files. After the Google update that penalized websites for not being mobile optimized, robots.txt files have assumed a new significance.

Perhaps you are wondering why Google wants webmasters to allow its’ spiders to crawl their CSS and JavaScript files. Well, for one thing, these files provide a fast and accurate indication as to whether a website is optimized for mobile. Previously, the standard policy among webmasters was to prevent Google spiders from accessing these kinds of files, so that particular parts of the code were not revealed.

Notwithstanding, if you want to rank well, you should always take heed of Google’s advice. Content is still important, however the technical structure of your website needs to adhere to best practices. Happily, this is an extremely simple and quick change to implement. In its’ Search Console, Google provides a robots.txt assessor, which analyzes robots.txt files to ensure that they are functioning in the correct way. However, it is worth pointing out that, if you have yet to optimize your website for mobile search, you may wish to address this issue first before you do anything else.

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