website designCompanies need to have an online presence in today’s technology-centered market and websites are very important. If you want your website conversions to look and feel better so those looking at your site have an easier time finding what they need, follow a few of these tips and get started on some changes that can really make a difference.

Forget Registration

Though life is filled with websites that want shopper information, buyers don’t always feel comfortable giving out personal details online. Some companies lose sales because when buyers are asked to register on the site, they refuse. Instead of asking for names, phone numbers, email addresses and so forth, allow shoppers to check out as guests. There is no need to force anyone into having an account on your site. If they want an account, make the option available to them. If they don’t, you could lose their business by trying to force unwanted emails onto them.

Change Up Actions

There are a variety of ways to say what you want to say in order to get someone to buy something on your website. There are often “Check Out” buttons, but if that doesn’t seem to entice people to go through with the purchases, try mixing it up and grab some new words. You could test “Order Now,” or “Buy Now” and see if those bring more results. If not, keep making changes until something fits. As you test different call to action words, put them up front on the page and make sure they stand out from other buttons that you have available. There should be no confusion as to where customers need to go to make a buy.

Consider Live Chat

Consumers are used to being able to get the answers they need fast. No one has time to sit on hold on the phone for a long time in order to answer one simple question. If you have products that could lead to questions, think about setting up a live chat option through your website so customers can ask questions during normal business hours. There are many customers who would never take the time to contact you. Through the live chat program on your website, they might reach out, get what they need from you, and then make a purchase.

Explore Our Website Design Options

Not every customer will read your terms of service, but there are definitely some who will. Try to simplify those terms so a normal human being can understand them. If they are so complicated that only the best lawyer can grip their meaning, it could turn potential customers away. Put things into a simple language so customers know what they are getting from you. A website design expert will be able to know what website design to use in order to improve your website conversion rate.

Test Guarantees

There are a lot of guarantee options out there and the industry standard is usually 30 days. But you might be able to attract a wider audience if you offer guarantees that are in the 60-90 day range instead. Stretch your limits and see what draws more consumers onto your website.

website conversionA/B Split Tests

What you think may be next best thing since sliced bread may not resonate as well with your website visitors. Be sure to test your website with different layouts, different call to action buttons, different color schemes, etc. The trick to performing accurate A/B split testing is to ensure that you are only changing one element one each test so you can accurately measure the impact of the change.

Opt-In Forms

Should your opt-in form be above the fold or below the fold? On the right side of the page or the left? Should you ask for a lot of information or a little? These are all questions that you should be asking yourself when designing your website’s landing pages. The real answer comes from the data that you collect from doing A/B split testing. Website visitors from industries react differently than others.

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