top SEO mistakesMost people know that search engine optimization or SEO is an important factor in helping them rank with some of the leading search engines. However, many people are attempting to optimize their website without actually understanding what will help and what could actually hurt their rankings. Here are some of the top SEO mistakes that should be avoided.

Ignoring Keywords

Ignoring the importance of incorporating keywords can be detrimental to your site’s ranking. When writing online content, it is imperative that you choose your keywords and keyword phrases carefully. Think about what words or phrases people will actually use to find your content.

Ignoring Title And Meta Descriptions

Of course, just as troubling as a lack of good keyword usage is ignoring the importance of a good page title and meta descriptions. Your page title should be unique and descriptive and your meta description is your one chance to provide a glimpse into the value of your page. This description is often included in search snippets, so make it grab the searcher’s attention and show them that your page offers what they are searching for.

Poor Content

The old saying that “Content is King” is as true today as it has always been. So often websites have poorly written content that doesn’t provide valuable information to the reader. When search engines crawl your site, be sure that they find a well-written, informative content that is unique. Never use duplicate content. This includes copying content from other websites as well as duplicating content on your own site. Great content can lead to organic links and quality links are a great way to boost site ranking.

Artificial Link Building

correct SEO techniquesThis brings us to link building. Many webmasters in the past turned to link building tactics that were frowned upon by the search engines. Quality links that build site credibility come from reputable sources within the same niche. Don’t fall into the mentality of artificial link building, it’s a good way to get your site banned from the search results or ranked so low that nobody will ever find you.

Keyword Stuffing

Another black hat SEO method that used to be quite popular is keyword stuffing. While you certainly want to make good use of appropriate keywords, artificially inflating their usage, by stuffing content can lead to poor ranking. Additionally, writing content aimed at artificial keyword stuffing will not be user-friendly, useful information.

Broken Links

One area that often gets overlooked when trying to improve site ranking are your website’s broken links. It can be frustrating for users to click on a link and not get the page they were looking for, but when spiders crawl a site and find broken links, your page rank will likely suffer.


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