what is a good websiteWhat constitutes a good website? You might think it’s always a matter of opinion, but there are some solid qualities that make a website useful from a business perspective. If you want to have a great site, it must be designed to be usable, quick to load and to rank highly on search results.


Let’s start with the obvious – a good website really needs to be user-friendly. Your users need to be able to find what they need from your page, and they need a good reason to keep visiting it for the first time. A good website is one that users actually like to browse – or, at the very least, one that they do not mind using to get their information. If the layout of your website is confusing or it turns off your visitors, you need to get a better design immediately.


Quick Load Times

Today’s user doesn’t have a great deal of patience. In fact, most will leave your site within a few seconds if the pertinent information doesn’t load quickly. While it’s great to have videos and images on your website, you need to make sure that it loads quickly enough to be useful. If you can’t get your load times down to under two seconds, you need to start again. Anything that can make a user feel like he or she isn’t wasting his or her time is a good idea. Make sure that you value your users’ time as much as they do.

A Solid Rank

marketing metricsFinally, you want to make sure that your website is optimized for a good search rank on Google. If you aren’t able to put together a website with the right kind of website design, you won’t rank high on a Google search. If you can’t rank high on a search, your site simply won’t be found. It’s a sad truth that most users won’t ever go below the top two or three results on any search page and that even fewer will ever look at the second page of the search results. Make sure that your site is well optimized, and you’ll be able to get more visitors.

Website design is the key to making sure that you have a great site. Make sure that it is usable, easy to find, and quick to load and you’ll have a chance to get more visitors and make more money. It’s not always easy, but a good designer and SEO specialist can always help you to get what you need.

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