video marketingVideo marketing has been used successfully by many businesses, to get more exposure for their brand, appeal to their target audience, and create a dialogue with their customers. This online marketing technique has helped companies of all types and sizes. Reportedly, the probability of being ranked on the first page of Google’s search results improves fifty-three fold, whenever the video is employed.

How Does Video Marketing Help My Business?

Nowadays, virtually everyone watches at least some online videos. It is possible to be seen by people for a small percentage of the price of conventional television advertising. Online video offers many more targeting options as well. You can target people depending on the particular content they are viewing on YouTube. Alternatively, you can use demographic data or geography as your targeting criteria.


How Can I Make My Videos Better?

To use video effectively, you need a clearly defined advertising strategy. Ask yourself what the aim of your video is, what business goal it will achieve, who will watch the content, and what action you wish the viewers to take after they view it. Don’t start worrying about technology and equipment, until you have your strategy sorted.

Generally, people have limited attention spans and you are competing with lots of other online content. This is why it is best to keep your videos short and snappy, particularly if it is a pre-roll advertisement. With shorter videos, people tend to get less irritated, so they are more likely to watch until the end. Some recent statistics suggest that fifteen-second video ads are viewed in their entirety nearly twice as often as thirty-second video ads.

video marketing tipsThe majority of video producers opt for on-camera broadcasts, which can encompass video interviews with one or more experts, live webcasts or a series of video tips. Typically, these types of videos are most suitable for occasions when you wish to form a close bond with your audience, or when you are advertising personal services and you need to develop trust. In contrast, off camera videos do not need anyone to appear on screen, which is an advantage for those who are more introverted. These videos can work well if you want to share lots of details via a video tutorial or webinar. Regardless of your budget, you should consider purchasing video ads today, while the prices are still competitive. Such is the effectiveness of this medium, it’s only a matter of time before large corporations get more involved and drive up the cost.

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