Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial to any website or web based business that depends on traffic and subsequent conversions for its success. When done properly SEO helps search engines to find your site when relevant keywords are entered as search queries. As a result, many websites and web businesses focus heavily on having said keyword phrases strewn strategically throughout their website or blog, so as to help optimize their site.

Even with such conscientious efforts where SEO is concerned, one aspect that is often overlooked is that of your business NAP citations. NAP refers to your business’ Name, Address and Phone number. Your business NAP will help search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to validate your business information and improve your business confidence and search engine ranking. Here is how it works.

How Does Google Index A Website?


What is NAP and How It Will Help Your Site’s SEO

For starters, search engines place a lot of weight on one’s business name and the associated business address. This is because providing quality, reliable location-based search results depends on it. Search engines do not simply process keyword phrases and searches in a vacuum. Instead, it considers other places on the Internet where your business name (and a corresponding address) are cited, even if there are no back links taking the user from that page to your official website. It is therefore important that you ensure your business name, address and phone number is consistent across as many platforms where it is listed (or cited) as possible – including of course, your business’ official website.

SEO and NAPHow Search Engines Use NAP

Search engines have mechanisms in place to help determine if the address, number and business name listed for your company is as you say it is on your website. They do this by cross-referencing the listing on your official website with those that are listed on other authority sites across the web. Therefore, in order to build consistency in this regard, it is not enough to simply have your business NAP correctly listed on your official website. It helps to also have it listed across a host of reputable sites. Reputable websites include those such as Chamber of Commerce websites relevant to your areas, government sites, education websites and of course other prominent industry or association websites.

Verifying Your NAPs and Citations

NAP and verificationThankfully, there are several tools online that are designed to help you get started with finding and verifying your NAP citations. You can start with a NAP citation finder to check your citations by entering some location data into the search bar. Thereafter you will be provided with a list of citation results based on the data you entered. You will be able to see just which websites are listing your information correctly and which are not. As far as it relates to those with incorrect (or inconsistent) listings, you will likely have to reach out to these sites to have the citations updated.

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