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Online Reviews: Why You Need Them & How To Manage Negative Ones

online reviews

Online reviews have become extremely important for business owners. Potential customers often look at them before buying products, reserving motel rooms or visiting restaurants. Now that most people use smartphones or other mobile Internet devices, they can even check reviews as they travel or browse stores. Although shoppers sometimes doubt the authenticity of anonymous comments, Internet reviews usually play a significant role in major buying decisions. Click through to learn more on this topic.

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Reputation Management: How Can You Protect Your Online Reputation?

reputation marketing video

By Brett Lewis Not sure what Reputation Management is all about? Watch this Google Hangout and you’ll understand why it is so important for your business, regardless if you sell things online or off! Want to know your current reputation? Go to for a FREE report. All you need to supply is your business…

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Online Reputation, a.k.a. Reviews, Making News

As an SEO and reputation marketing expert, there are times that I have people ask me about fake reviews. Perhaps you’ve thought about creating some fake reviews for your business in the past. My advice: DON’T DO IT! The New York Attorney General’s office is cracking down on unscrupulous SEO marketing companies for publishing fake…

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