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6 Fundamentals Required For Online Marketing Success

online marketing

Online marketing is largely different from offline marketing. As such, web marketing requires a different set of skills, consumer approach style, and product/service promotion. Learn six fundamental strategies of a successful web marketing campaign that you should be implementing into your online marketing campaigns.

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Marketing Metrics: What To Measure

search engine marketing

A number of business owners see marketing as a superfluous expense, which is only explored when it can be accommodated by the budget. This is largely because investment returns on marketing efforts is usually unpredictable. However, solid metrics provide you with the insight to rise above the hurdle of unpredictability.

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Do You Know How Google Indexes Your Site?

Google search

The main objective of online marketing is to make a website more visible to Internet users when they run an online search using Google Search. To achieve this, Google, first indexes every web page that is publicly available. After indexing, search results can easily be generated when users run a search.

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Social Signals: Benefits For Your Business

social media and SEO

The relevance of social signals to SEO has not been very apparent until recently, and is still hotly debated. Marketers have been increasingly looking for new online marketing tools other than links, because links have become done to death and even widely abused. The benefits of using social media in your online marketing campaigns have been well proven.

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