Social Signals: Benefits For Your Business

social media and SEOMarketers have known for a long time that backlinks play a pivotal role in Google search engine algorithms that the company uses for ranking sites. The relevance of social signals to SEO has, however, not been very apparent until recently, and is still hotly debated. Marketers have been increasingly looking for new online marketing tools other than links, because links have become done to death and even widely abused. For one, some marketers still buy links. Other sites are stingy about being linked to and quickly turn to the Google Disavow tool to block links that connect to their sites without their authorization.

This is one of the reasons why digital marketers are increasingly turning to social media as an SEO tool.


Social Media and SEO

There is a lot of content being generated on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn on a daily basis. A site like Facebook has more than a billion active users, easily rivaling the dominance of Google sites themselves. Google search bots now trawl sites such as Twitter as they tend to find influential context to index. The basic architecture of social media networks is primarily geared towards being visible and earning genuine peer approval. While it’s relatively easy for some parties to buy likes on sites such as Facebook or create a few hundred accounts in order to manufacture a fake buzz, Google is not likely to fall for this so easily.

Creating great content on social sites can have a good effect on your SERP (search engine results page) in a number of ways. For one, people might find your content awesome and want to link to it and share it with friends. A large number of backlinks will of course increase your ranking organically.

There is still ongoing debate whether social media tools such as shares and likes alone influence Google rankings directly, with some marketers pointing to out that Google algorithms are unlikely to attach a lot of meaning to social sites since some social sites are actually known to block Google from crawling them. But, Hootsuite’s Kristina Cisnero says that using social media, onsite SEO and content marketing together is a method known to work well.

To gain valuable shares though social media, you have to create well-written and highly relevant content that your audience will enjoy reading. The content needs to be noteworthy, funny, original, useful or maybe controversial. The key thing is that it should be something that will make people want to share with their friends and peers on social media.

Make sure that you open a Google+ account as well. Shared content on Google + is known to have a positive effect on search rankings.

Using Social Media to Build Your Brand and grow your Website Traffic

social media and online marketingUsing social media as part of your online marketing campaign is an effective way to increase your brand exposure and grow your traffic indirectly without even relying on social signals and their effect on Google. In fact, it’s one of the easiest and hassle-free way to earn yourself valuable traffic.

Social signals might still be a hotly debated topic, but the benefits of using social media in your online marketing campaigns have been well proven. For the best results, combine your social media strategy with great onsite SEO and content marketing.

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