By Brett Lewis

Wordpress WebsitesWhether setting up a website for a company or for personal interest, acknowledging the importance of SEO is crucial for the overall success of the site and the company. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is used to help drive traffic to your company website and ensure that sites rank highly in search engine results. Without the incorporation of SEO, it can be very difficult to create and maintain a solid marketing presence on the Internet. This is why creating a website design with SEO is extremely important for your company.

SEO Website Design Platform

Undoubtedly, one of the best SEO friendly platforms for building websites can be found in the use of WordPress. This platform provides its users with the majority of what is needed to create a website that will provide optimal SEO. Using WordPress allows users to create URLs suitable for search engine results, customized meta tags and page titles, Google Analytics, and much more. The greatest element of WordPress is that it allows us to easily design pages and content that can be indexed by Google and other popular search engines. The options WordPress presents for “permalinks” or URLs are particularly helpful because these allow users to design what type of keywords appear in their URLs and increases the likelihood that the pages will get indexed for future search results.

There are also a high number of plugins which can be used to further improve the SEO website design. Many of plugins are very user friendly. Some plugins can make it easier for users to further define site necessities such as XML sitemaps, which ensure that search engines are able to index content appropriately when crawling the website. Other plugins can help users to ensure that keywords are always listed in the appropriate places before new content is published, making SEO friendly website design an achievable goal even for beginners.

Outsourcing Website Designs

Users that are not comfortable with creating an SEO friendly WordPress site on their own may want to consider using the services of an SEO website design company. Since most individuals do not have highly developed skills related to website design and SEO, there are now a significant amount of website design companies that provide both services in order to greater meet the needs of the public. This can be a great option for those that are seeking to have a professional quality website without dealing with the concerns associated with initial setup, design and maintenance. Once the website design company has taken the necessary actions to create the user’s desired site, guidance can then be provided to the user regarding the easiest and most appropriate way to take advantage of the countless SEO friendly features that have been incorporated into the WordPress platform.


If you want or need to have the perfect website design for your company, one that is SEO friendly and looks great. Your website should extend your company image into the online space but more importantly, captures leads for your company. If you want this type of company site but don’t have the time to design and implement it yourself, then consider hiring L4 Group. We specialize in building SEO friendly websites.

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