Out of all approaches deployed by web marketers and site owners to improve the site visibility, search engine optimization and content marketing stand out prominently. In fact, seasoned professionals in this industry routinely use both approaches to enhance their chances of reaching as many web users as possible. Below is a detailed comparison of SEO versus content marketing.


seo vs. content marketingSEO refers to the act of purposely deploying white hat or black hat strategies to improve the search engine results page (SERP) rank of a given site organically. This means relying on organic traffic acquisition and growth over time rather than traffic acquisition via search engine marketing to improve SERP rank.

Content Marketing

content marketing and seoContent marketing involves the use of carefully crafted, unique, useful, and easy-to-understand content to attract web traffic to a specific site. The problem with content marketing is it can doom your site’s fortunes if you fail to carry out proper market research, offer content that resonates with target audience, as well as post fresh and unique content regularly.

SEO Vs. Content Marketing

To start with, SEO involves a holistic approach to improving a site’s web visibility. As such, it consists of both off and on-site optimization strategies such as enhancing site navigability, building quality links via actions such as guest blogging, optimizing title tags, tweaking site architecture to improve webpage load times and leveraging the power of social media buttons to improve traffic and web-user experiences. At the same time, SEO strategies deployed should not flout accepted industry practices to avoid attracting harsh penalties from search engine companies such as Google.

In comparison, content marketing solely focuses on creating and posting useful/relevant content to a given site. To achieve this goal, a content marketer must carry out thorough keyword research, use relevant keywords naturally within content, post completed content on target site, and promote the same on various platforms such as social networking sites. It is worth noting that note content, in this case, is not restricted to text-based articles or blog posts. It also includes videos, audios, info-graphics, charts, data tables, whitepapers and material that web users can download such as PDFs, e-books, and podcasts. Moreover, the aim of engaging in content marketing efforts is to position your site as an authority in a specific field/industry and improve brand visibility online.


Search engine optimization and content marketing strategies can improve your site’s online visibility significantly. However, using unscrupulous practices like link farming is not a good idea because your site is likely to attract a lowly SERP rank penalty from search engine companies including Google.

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