SEO Video Marketing: Why Your Company Should Be Using It

By Brett Lewis
Video SEO MarketingDo you run a website that you are trying to get more visibility?  Are you focusing your marketing efforts to get the website on the first page of Google? Don’t disregard an SEO video marketing strategy as one component of your overall SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. At L4 Group, we utilize video marketing strategies for our clients and YouTube video marketing has proven to be highly effective!

Why an SEO video marketing strategy?

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine!
  • Videos are a great way to capture the attention of your target audience.
  • Using videos is a growing trend for marketing your company.
  • Tens of millions of people watch videos every day to be entertained or educated.
  • Smart businesses are taking advantage of this marketing method.

There are many benefits to starting an Internet video marketing stratgey. For one, they highly engaging and they do bring a great deal of Internet traffic to a website. By using SEO (search engine optimization) techniques with your video, it is possible to position it on the first page of the search engines on the Internet. And, once it is appearing on the first page of Google, for the search phrases your customers, clients or patients are using, that video stands out amongst all of the other search results.

Our society is addicted to video.

Our society loves to consume video content, more so than written content. Think about yourself and all the people that you associate with. The water cooler conversations tend to be about TV shows that people watch, not about the latest great novel that was read! We live in a world where households have multiple TVs and the amount of TV viewing time versus reading time is disproportionate, in favor of TV.  The internet is no different. When given a choice, people will choose video over written content. Businesses that are implementing an Internet video marketing strategy as part of their overall SEO strategy are dominating those that have no strategy.

Still not convinced? Here are some astounding YouTube statistics:

  • How many unique visitors come to YouTube every month? 1 BILLION!
  • Every minute there are 100 hours of content uploaded to YouTube. That means that there are 4.32 Million hours of video being uploaded to every month.
  • According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network
  • Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube.  That is almost one hour for every person on Earth!

The Internet traffic for YouTube is increasing every day as more and more people watch and produce online videos.  In fact, video views on Google platforms, predominately YouTube, outrank any other platforms on the Internet. In a report published in June, 2013 by they state the following:

Google Sites, driven primarily by video viewing at, ranked as the top online video content property in June with 158.3 million unique viewers, followed by Facebook with 61.6 million, AOL, Inc. with 51 million, VEVO with 49.3 million and Microsoft Sites with 46.8 million. More than 44 billion video content views occurred during the month, with Google Sites generating the highest number at nearly 15.7 billion, followed by AOL, Inc. with 775 million and Facebook with 730 million. Google Sites had the highest average engagement among the top ten properties.

Video Marketing Strategy

There are many ways to go about creating a solid marketing strategy that utilizes video content. These methods range form clips shot on smart phones like iPhones and Androids, professionally produced videos comparable to TV productions and everything in between. Of course, once a video is produced and uploaded to YouTube, it can be marketed throughout all social media platforms and the company’s primary website. Great content will enjoy the viral nature of shares in social media networks and an high number of organic views. This provides great word-of-mouth advertising.

Your own video SEO marketing strategy is one of the best ways to make your business more visible to potential customers. The Internet is a visual medium and high quality videos help your business stand out from the online competition. We help business owners create an effective strategy that will engage audiences and convert traffic into leads. Our strategy is proven and highly effective.

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