holistic SEOSearch engine optimization is one of the key pillars that underpins the operation of the World Wide Web. However, it is hard to nail SEO down to an exact science partly because search engine companies such as Google have never revealed how their search algorithms really work. For this reason, you must develop and implement a SEO strategy that encompasses a wide range of web facets. Some of the strategies you can use to achieve this goal include:

Content Strategy

It is impossible to develop a well-rounded SEO strategy without incorporating a content component as well. Take note this includes different content formats such as text, video, audio, and images. Content is important because Google has admitted, without revealing how its algorithms work, that content plays a role in determining site ranking on search engine results pages (SERP). To succeed on the content front, keyword research is one of the key tasks you must undertake. This includes keyword research relevant to your SEO campaign/strategy/business niche as well as competitor keyword analysis. Monitoring the competition is necessary to avoid losing your loyal base to another company.

Social Media

According to Forbes, it has taken a while for many SEO “traditionalists” to grasp the importance of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Unlike other platforms that SEO experts use to reach web users, social networking sites allow businesses to do more than simply post messages to web users. In other words, such sites allow businesses to establish and build a brand, launch and monitor marketing campaigns, communicate with consumers, drive traffic to brand site, as well as monitor competitors. Nevertheless, marketing products/services and communicating with consumers on these sites is fraught with pitfalls and many businesses, including large corporates, have discovered this the hard way. For this reason, social media marketing campaigns should be optimized to suit a particular demographic and monitored carefully. At the same time, a business should develop a crisis management strategy and implement it immediately if social networking site members develop negative attitudes towards a brand.


Although links developed negative notoriety during the early days of search engine optimization, they are still as important today as they were ten years ago. However, you should only use quality links. An effective way of acquiring quality links is by requesting popular sites to allow you to write and submit guest blogs. Sites that allow guest blogging usually include links at the bottom of submitted posts pointing back to the blog writer’s site. Furthermore, you could post video content on video sharing sites such as YouTube and include a link to your site.

Data Analysis

Since data analysis tools are easily accessible, use them to slice and dice data gathered from various sources including your company’s social networking sites. This will help you make data-driven business decisions. If you do not leverage the power of data analytics, expect to lose to nimbler startups.



To succeed on the SEO front, you should take a holistic web marketing or communication approach. This means your SEO plan should be based on a well-rounded content strategy, social media presence, acquiring and using quality links, and data analytics.

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