Search Queries And Your Business

The key to success in online marketing lies in knowing the search terms used by potential customers and basing the entire online marketing campaign on those words. Keyword research is, therefore, one of the most important components of online marketing.

What is Keyword Research?

This is the identification of words and phrases used on search engines by internet users when looking for a specific product, service or information. After identifying those words and phrases, you can develop website content and optimize your web pages using those words. In other words, all your SEO efforts will be based on those search terms.

Importance of Keyword Research

online marketing techniquesKnowing the most popular search queries can tell you a number of things. For one, it can tell you exactly what your target customers are looking for. This will enable you to repackage your products and services to ensure they meet customer needs. For instance, if you’re in a clothing business and your keyword research reveals that the search term – grey jeans – is the most popular, you can start creating web content to promote grey jeans. You can also focus your SEO efforts towards that search term. In addition to telling you what potential customers want, keyword research can help to improve your chances of success in SEO [Tweet This]. In other words, it can help you improve your rankings. Learning about popular search queries related to your industry will also enable you to attract the right type of traffic.

Search Queries and Your Business

When researching on popular search queries, be sure to keep your business goals in mind. Do you simply want to increase your traffic by getting a top search engine ranking or do you want to raise your conversion rate? If you are in the online advertising business, your keyword research should be geared towards optimizing your website to increase traffic. However, if you want visitors to buy from you or sign up for a service, you may want to research keywords that can help you optimize your website for conversion.

Long Tail Keywords

internet marketing for your businessThese are simply search terms containing a primary keyword and several other words before or after it. Since you want keywords with a low difficulty score, long tail keywords may serve you well. Since large corporations and well-established businesses may already rank well for the primary keyword, using long tail keywords is recommended. This type of keywords is commonly used to specify a particular location, color, material, size, brand or any other unique characteristic of a product or service. As a result, they may have less traffic but a much higher conversion rate.

Always remember there are many search engines, so do your keyword research on all of them and pick keywords that can rank well on all major search engines.

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