Online marketing has many uses in the business world, the main one being promoting your business, brand, products, and services. It is also used in brand reputation management on the internet. Online reputation management basically entails controlling the positive press and suppressing negative press about your brand. The following are tips to help you protect the online reputation of your brand.


Own Your Brand Name

There is nothing as bad as using a brand name that you do not really own. When you find a name for your brand, it is crucial that you register it as the username on all the social networking sites. When internet users search for your brand name, you will rank highly several times on the first page of search results. The same goes for domain names. You should register domain names with different prefixes, such as .com, .net and so on, to ensure another firm or individual does not steal your identity and use it against you.

Monitor Your Mentions Efficiently

reputation managementThere are different types of software packages that can alert you each time your brand name is mentioned online. While this used to be done manually a few years ago, it can be done automatically today. Whichever method you employ in brand name usage monitoring, what is important is that you stay up to date with what is being said about your brand and take appropriate steps to counter negative press.

Define Your Own Reputation

Fans, critics, and experts can say different things about your brand. Whether the observations and comments are negative or positive, some of them may stick and come to define you. Ideally, you should be proactive in defining your reputation. If you offer a high-quality product or service, make sure the public notices and remind them in your marketing campaigns.

Engage Followers and Customers

what is reputation managementIt is crucial that you update your social media profiles on a regular basis and reply to comments made by your followers, whether they are positive or negative. Keep your status updates short and professional, but user-friendly, with longer status updates going to your blog.

Value Negative Reviews

Many businesses usually track name mentions and remove negative comments about their brand from review sites. While this may help to influence public sentiment, it may backfire. Many consumers normally avoid brands with rave reviews only. Therefore, you should try to address the underlying issue that gave rise to the complaint and respond to the negative review positively to inform the user about what you’ve done. That is what online brand reputation is all about.

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