Quarterly Newsletter – August, 2019

L4 Group Quarterly Newsletter Video (August 2019)

In today’s world of digital marketing, content is critical. Blog posts are the most common type of written content. Other types of content like infographics, video and PDF download yield high ROI. However, the best results come from more in-depth material.

Some forms of more in-depth content are comprehensive product modules. Another form of in-depth content consists of original research which is completely unique to your company however, the downside is that it takes a lot of time (or a lot of money, or both) to produce this research.

So what is the answer to high-quality content that is less expensive yet yields great ROI and is easy for a consumer to digest and relate to?

The answer is Case Studies!

Case studies are an excellent way to give your potential customers a way to see themselves in the products you sell and the services you provide.

What are the benefits of case studies?

First – Audience targeting. Your case studies naturally target the audience that you want to sell to. Homeowners that are interested in the product and service highlighted in the case study!

Second: Natural keyword targeting. The language used throughout the case study, including your descriptions of the problem, the solution, and the supporting content will naturally fall in line with the types of keywords and phrases your potential customers search for. These case studies are also naturally hyper-local, targeting the city that the project was completed in.

Third: Detailed information. The way we generate case studies are filled with detailed information. Much more in-depth content than something like a regular blog post.

Fourth: Service promotion. You get to shine because the case study naturally highlights your company as the knight in shining armor, addressing and fixing the customer’s problem that is featured in the case study.

Fifth: Call to action. All of our case studies are riddled with call to actions. Where appropriate, we add CTAs to product download guides, online appointment scheduling and of course, the most used CTA, your phone number!

The best part of case studies is the warm-up for your sales team. When a lead comes in from a case study, the prospect is already, or close to being ready, to buy from you!

If you are regularly submitting case studies for us to publish to your website, good job!

If not, I have to ask why not? We have re-vamped our case study submission process on L4GroupLLC.com to make it more streamlined and easier. Let me know if you are having problems with submissions and we will help you work through it so you can easily submit case studies for us to publish. Go to: https://www.l4groupllc.com/casestudy/

That’s all I have for now, until next quarter happy Googling.