Quarterly Newsletter – April, 2019

L4 Group Quarterly Newsletter Video (April 2019)

We all understand the importance of being found on Google. For local businesses, one of the keys for local dominance is a well optimized, Google My Business listing. Google has been investing heavily in their GMB platform, Google My Business for short.

And, they have been making updates to this platform on a weekly basis. Now, you might be thinking that your GMB listing was claimed and optimized. But, when was that done? If it was optimized over a year ago, then chances are that you should consider re-optimizing your listing.

For example, one of the changes impacts your service area cities. Another change opens up the door to have expanded service offerings in your listing. This change is dependent upon the primary listing’s category and many of our customers fall into the category where we are allowed to make that change to occur. Not to prolong this video too much, but, another great addition is the ability to create a Google business site driven from the content from your GMB listing.

I always advocate that when trying to rank on Google, we ought to be using all of Google’s properties such as YouTube videos, yes google owns YouTube, Blogger which is a blogging platform, Google custom My Maps, and of course, your Google My Business listing.

Sidenote: I see an alarming trend with our clients, and this trend is prevalent across the Internet as well. This trend is in regards to responses to Google reviews. Now, most companies focus on the bad reviews and reply to only those reviews. This is a missed opportunity. Our recommended best practices are to reply to all reviews but we know that that could be a drag to monitor and to implement. That is why at L4 Group, we are offering a new service; GMB Review Replies, where we monitor and reply to all of your Google reviews, on your behalf, as they arrive. Contact us for more details on the service.

One last point regarding GMB‘s. Google opened the door to allow us to post offers on your GMB listing. Because of this, we have been asking all of our clients for evergreen offers that we can use to post to your GMB. For those of you that don’t know what I mean when I say Evergreen offers it is simply this. These are offers that are always available to your customer base without any expiration date. For example, “save 10% off ABC service, offered to new customers only”

If you haven’t supplied us with your offers please do so, this will allow us to publish your offers which will display on Google’s search results for all of your Company branded search queries, right on the first page of Google.

Before I sign off I want to let everybody know about a new utility we just rolled out this quarter to make it easy for our clients to submit photos for us to use on your social platforms. If you have L4Group handle your social postings, there are instances when you want to have a special picture posted to your Facebook, your Twitter, and yes, now your Google my business listing. You can upload your photo with a brief description right from our website and our social posting team gets notified immediately. Simply go to https://www.L4GroupLLC.com/photos

That’s all I have for now, until next quarter happy Googling.