PR And SEO: A Good Combo

SEO and public relationsThere was a time that PR and SEO would never be seen on the same page as one another. They were two completely different things, done by different writers and experts. However, as time has gone on, the world of internet marketing and PR has changed. SEO—search engine optimization—has become a must for all, and that includes PR. They now go hand in hand, but how did all that happen?

Google Changes the Playing Field

Back in 2010, Google made a big change; one that was so big that websites and companies found themselves closing their doors. Keyword stuffing was frowned upon, and careful, white hat SEO tactics became necessary. PR companies had to rethink their strategies. To appear high in Google’s search results, the content needed to be insightful, engaging and interesting.

That rule still applies today. In fact, Google continues to make changes, enforcing more requirements on websites and content writers. PR companies are forced into making more changes if they want to rank highly.


PR Is Becoming More Online Based

Online content is the way the world is moving, which means PR is becoming more online based. That instantly leads to the need to rank well with Google. It is instantly obvious that PR must follow the rules set by Google, and SEO becomes a must.
PR and SEO both have the same goals in mind. They both want to create brand awareness and want to get people sharing content at the same time. It makes sense for them to work hand in hand to accomplish both of those goals as quickly as possible.

Moving Into the World of Social Media

It is not all about online blogs and articles anymore. Social media has also quickly become something to focus on, and posts are ranked by Google. PR individuals need to focus on social media posts, and that is just part of SEO. This is the part of links directing people to content and can help rankings in search engine results.

At the same time, it is not just about PR staff using social media. The content needs to be engaging for individuals and needs to be something that others are going to find, so they can share, too. Using good SEO and PR together considerably increases the chances of that happening.

SEO and marketingSEO is not a thing of the past. It is still growing, as Google continues to make changes. For those within the PR industry, SEO is becoming more and more important. The two really do work hand in hand.

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