Online & Offline Marketing Strategies For Plumbers

Have you been searching the web trying to find information on how to best market your plumbing business in a way that will actually drive inbound calls and profits?

There is a huge difference between a static website with no visitors and one that can actually make potential customers want to pick up the phone and call you. The fundamental part here is if you have a good strategy or not.

At L4 Group we can help you stand out from the competition and add more leads and prospects to your networks with a great marketing strategy in place.

Advertise Your Plumbing Business

When it comes to advertise your services, there are lots of Plumbers that end up investing too much in the wrong media, or too much in the right media at the wrong time. The cause of this is the lack of a Marketing Plan.

Here are four simple steps to start with your Marketing strategy:

  1. First off, you need to determine your sales and brand goals.
  2. Assign a percentage of those numbers to your Marketing budget.
  3. Define the timing for your promotions based on your sales.
  4. Select the right media: online & offline channels.
plumbing marketing ideas and strategies

Plumbing Marketing Ideas

Online Solutions

While it is important to keep traditional media for those who are not very internet friendly, nowadays it is crucial to have a Digital Marketing Strategy in place for your plumbing business.

Local SEO / Maps

Do you want customers to find you before your competitors?

We can improve your website's ranking on Google by creating a good Search Engine Optimization strategy and having your plumbing business claimed in Google local business listings with all your updated company's information.

We get you listed in appropriate business directories and most importantly, Google Maps.


local seo and google maps listing for hvac
inbound marketing for plumbing companies

Inbound Marketing

At L4 Group we can provide you with Inbound Marketing services which is a strategy that utilizes many forms of pull Marketing - content Marketing, blogs, landing pages, social media and more - to create brand awareness and attract new business.

The best way to turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business!

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the perfect addition to an online Marketing strategy and it helps to increase your overall Marketing performance.

We can design the perfect emails that fit your brand image as well as create the content and promote your campaign through social media channels.

Ask us about our customer re-engagement emails to reignite "old" contact records in your database of emails.

email marketing plumbing

Online Giveaways & Contests

Grow your database of potential customers through giveaway sweepstakes. Social Media is the perfect channel to create contests and giveaways. We can help you be creative and define the most attractive prize in order to attract your audience.

An example sweepstakes offer is a free hot water heater. Entrants must give their name, email and phone number to be entered. Of course, we always grab some extra information such as "how old is your heater?" so we can laser target market these people in our future campaigns.


We can help you plan a Scholarship program for students studying Construction related fields at an accredited college or university. This can also branch into technical trade schools for plumbing specific training.

By sponsoring a scholarship, we can leverage good PR for your company and improve your website's SEO at the same time. All of this helps to and drive more potential traffic and awareness to your brand.

scholarship plumbing
video marketing plumbing

Video Marketing

Lets face it, our society gravitates to video content. We have been raised with TVs in our houses. YouTube is a platform that is increasing viewership year over year.

It has been shown that combining video with email, websites and social media boosts engagement and action.

1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video. Are you implementing video in your marketing?


Posting new blogs on a regular basis adds more content to your site, supports your position as an authority on a subject, and creates new paths for searchers to find you.

We create blog posts for your plumbing business that are based on your target keywords to get the best plumbing SEO value. We include images that complement the topic, videos where appropriate and relevant links to other pages within your site.

blogging plumbing
pay per click ads plubming

Pay Per Click (PPC)

By leveraging Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google AdWords, you will be able to see your ads in a matter of hours while keeping full control of your monthly ad spend. We target all of the best plumbing related keywords to attract website visitors and boost traffic.

Get ready to maximize lead generation and sales conversions with online paid advertising.

Digital Display Ads

Complete your advertising campaign with online banners and billboards to increase online visibility as well as leads and sales.

We can design all types of formats from images to text and videos and define which online media fits best for your Marketing needs.

digital display ads plumbing

Traditional Media & Marketing Ideas

Some companies still prefer to market their business the old fashioned way. In fact, these Marketing tactics are important to keep as not all your potential clients are involved in the online world.

Here's some Marketing ideas to help you optimize your traditional advertising.

direct mail plumbing

Direct Mail

Utilize direct mail in a smart manner. Stop shotgun approaches and instead try a tactic like this one. Look at prior customer records and identify homes that had showers or toilets installed by your company some years ago.

Create a direct mail campaign targeting this group of prior customers offering maintenance, repair or installation services. Incorporate the current model and install date. This brings a level of authenticity and authority to your mail pieces.

Referral Programs

Referral programs are great business tactics, regardless of the industry. Your company receives a tremendous level brand loyalty when you giving back to the customer for any referrals they generate. When a customer receives the high level of care and service that you provide, they spread the word to their  family, friends and co-workers. This creates new opportunity for your business.

Make referring your business easy. Create "referral leave behinds" to give to all your customers. Ask us for help in implementing this system for you.

referrals plumbing
Shower installation

Leverage Your Technicians

Your techs are inside many homes, talking to your customers. During their preventative maintenance visits, they may discover the faucet or shower requires major repairs, making a replacement a better option.

Under these scenarios, offer replacement incentives. Wave the maintenance fees if the customer makes a new installation. Your customer will appreciate the gesture and they won’t feel as if they have wasted money on the service call.

Plumbing Leads

Learn more about Plumbing Internet Marketing and how we can help you increase your online visibility and convert visitors to leads and turn these leads into new customers!

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