Online reviews have become extremely important for business owners. Potential customers often look at them before buying products, reserving motel rooms or visiting restaurants. Now that most people use smartphones or other mobile Internet devices, they can even check reviews as they travel or browse stores. Although shoppers sometimes doubt the authenticity of anonymous comments, Internet reviews usually play a significant role in major buying decisions.

Benefits Of Reviews

Each positive review is likely to boost your company’s sales. Studies have revealed that the majority of computer users trust the advice in customer reviews they see on the Web. While reviewers could have ulterior motives, online reviews frequently provide the most unbiased information people can find about a product or business. If you allow buyers to post reviews on your company website, they can increase sales even more than positive comments elsewhere on the Web. Shoppers will not have to visit other websites before making informed buying decisions.

On-site reviews also have the ability to improve your business website’s position in search results. Major engines like Google and Bing give better rankings to websites with unique, recent material. Each new review makes your product page appear more up-to-date. Furthermore, many people search for reviews of specific businesses or products. Search engines will send people directly to your website if it offers this information. Otherwise, separate review websites will outrank it.



If you decide to let people evaluate products or services on your company website, remember not to break important search optimization rules. Search engines often harshly penalize Web pages with duplicate content; make sure the same review does not appear on more than one page or website. Additionally, user comments will not benefit your rankings if search engines cannot see them. Remember to avoid frames, javascript codes and Flash scripts that might hide them from search engine computers.

Although most people check reviews before making substantial purchases, relatively few actually post them. Your business may need to actively solicit comments before anyone shares an opinion. Consider using social media, company message boards, after-sale emails or newsletters to accomplish this. Try to avoid directly rewarding people for participation. Any review incentives must be revealed to readers; U.S. federal law requires reviewers to disclose this information.

Negative Reviews

online reviewsEven if you provide top-notch products or services, it is impossible to satisfy everyone. Someone will probably post negative comments about your business sooner or later. Such messages can discourage potential customers and reduce your earnings. Be sure to respond to negative statements in a professional way. Rather than arguing with a dissatisfied person, offer a solution and apologize for any genuine errors. Report or delete comments with hateful, threatening or obscene language.

To sum it up, online reviews have the power to dramatically increase your company’s sales and Web traffic. They are too important to ignore in an era when most people use the Internet both at home and on the road. To remain successful, it is crucial for businesses to prioritize quality and incorporate customer feedback into each decision.

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