marketing and being authenticOnline marketing is an essential part of any successful competitor in the current marketplace. However, the marketplace changes on a daily basis requiring organizations to constantly adapt to the wants and needs of potential and existing clients. Online marketing developed into a concept flooded with buzzwords and filler content based on a numbers system involving analytical data. Gathering this type of information to drive in more consumers is still important to the basic marketing needs of any company, but the need for authenticity has become a prevalent factor behind online marketing and search engine optimization.

What Does It Mean To Be Authentic?

Descriptors of authenticity include genuineness, truthfulness, sincerity, intent, and quality. Online marketing campaigns have to adjust to this growing need for a relatable, authentic message. Customers are looking to identify with various organizations based on an emotional connection that was once a minimal priority in previous online marketing strategies. The core values and mission of any company have become key factors that consumers consider when choosing a product or service. The principles and direction of an organization provide a more personable approach to marketing that consumers can grow to believe in that eventually leads to a long-lasting, loyal customer base.

Conveying authenticity in online marketing requires creativity and tact. Spam is no longer tolerated by consumers and frivolous marketing messages are often overlooked. Thriving companies are no longer sales driven. Greater success is achieved by revealing the true nature of an organization through authentic online marketing. Strategies need to be developed on the basis of certainty with relatable personable elements that customers can identify with and believe in. Cohn & Wolfe conducted a study in 2014 surrounding authentic companies and customer perception. Apple, Samsung, and McDonald’s ranked as the highest global authentic brands revealed in the study. The study further revealed that 91% of customers considered company honesty about their products or services as the greatest contributing factor to authenticity.


How Do Online Marketing Strategies Incorporate Authenticity?

benefits of SEOSuccessful and authentic online marketing strategies include transparency that reveals behind the scenes details such as product development or material origins. Customers are able to relate to companies that no longer hide behind disasters or failures. Exposing negativity or failure through online marketing can actually create opportunities such as attracting new customers that find this authentic detail endearing or personable. Incorporating empathy into online marketing has become a common practice to express authenticity. The ability for a company to adjust online marketing campaigns according to the feelings of consumers can provide a significant advantage. Authentic online marketing has not developed out of a trend or movement. Authenticity is a necessity for any organization to remain competitive in the marketplace.

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