Northeast PA SEO

We specialize in getting our clients's websites to rank at the top of Google in order to increase the volume of their sales by generating increased traffic to their website. We do this by performing Search Engine Optimization on our client's websites and to get them ranking for the keywords that their customers are using to search for their products and services. Customers in Eastern Pennsylvania who are looking for Northeast PA SEO solutions have come to the best place!

We are located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, in Allentown PA so you know that you are not dealing with some type of outsourced, off-shore SEO agency. Get the level of service that you deserve from a local Internet marketing agency. Click here to get started with L4 Group.

What is SEO?

Northeast PA SEO graphic of online marketingSearch engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making changes to your website in order to get it ranking at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). This entails technical changes to the site's architecture, changing the content on the website, analyzing the current citations and backlinks to the site and more. We also look at your online social profiles, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and other social properties.

All too often, businesses spend thousands of dollars building fantastic looking websites but they overlook the basics involved in getting the site to the top of the search engines. Most website designers are not SEO specialists. Therefore, it shouldn't come to anybody's surprise to find out that the site is not ranking. In today's market, it is best to work with a website designer to build the website and an SEO expert to get the site to rank. In the best case scenario, the website designer should work hand in hand with the SEO expert.

Many people think that "If you build it, they will come" HOWEVER, this is not valid for the large majority of websites. In today's online environment, you need to build it and rank it, for people to come!

Why Focus on Website Rankings?

It's simple, if your website is not on page one of Google for your business, products or services then you are certainly losing money. And the worst part is that your competitors that ARE on page one are stealing your business because customers are finding them instead of you. Google, Yahoo & Bing have effectively replaced the yellow pages and phone book. Better yet, these search engines have placed the power of the phone book in everybody's hand (via smart phones).

Smartphones have made it possible for people to find businesses, products and services at the touch of their fingers. With the advancement of voice recognition, they have also made it super easy for people to find your business with simple voice queries doing searches for local PA companies. Therefore, it is extremely important for your business to be optimized for Allentown SEO, Bethlehem SEO, Easton SEO, Northeast PA SEO or your specific city in Pennsylvania.

L4 Group can help get your website found on Yahoo, Bing and Google so you can enjoy increased traffic and sales. To get started, fill out our discovery form so we can assess your needs and give you an honest assessment of what SEO services you need.