80% of internet users search the web using smart phones. 65% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. If you are not making mobile part of your online marketing strategy, you are missing a huge opportunity. Online marketers need to think more strategically about designing responsive emails, building relationships with customers over their mobile devices and delivering highly engaging mobile content to mobile users.


Winning the Mobile Moment

Winning the mobile moment will not happen overnight. It will take time and effort. To win the mobile moment, you need engaging mobile content, responsive emails, data, analytics, and utilization of the latest marketing technologies.

mobile marketing and SEOAim for Mobile Relationships

This is the key to your online marketing success. If you can capture the attention of mobile audiences and make them to look forward to your emails and social media status updates you can easily monetize this relationship latter. To be able to build effective mobile relationships, you need to understand the personal nature of mobile phones. The first thing a person sees when waking up and the last thing to put down before sleeping is usually the mobile phone. Therefore, a sales-y online marketing approach will not work well with mobile audiences. To build relationships, it is recommended to use an educational approach.

Optimizing Emails for the Mobile User

mobile marketingAn email poorly formatted for mobile will cost your online marketing efforts dearly. It will be deleted by 89% of consumers and will cause 27% of consumers to unsubscribe. You cannot afford not to have a clearly defined mobile email marketing strategy.

Mobile-friendly email has a strong call-to-action, is concise, easy to read, and is visually appealing. You should focus on the content of emails with the goal of making you emails to be interesting. An email that engages the audience, will lead to more click-throughs and this will create online marketing success. If you make mobile part of your email marketing strategy, you stand to strengthen relationships with customers and subsequently increase sales.

Tailoring Messages for the Mobile User

People read mobile content more readily than they read desktop content. Online marketing success will only come if the content is tailored to the mobile user. Mobile users are always on the go thus, relevant, engaging, concise, and short content will work wonders. Marketing pitches and advertisements need to be avoided because the smart phone is a personal device, therefore, a mobile user will not appreciate if his phone is turned into a billboard for advertisers.

According to the latest rules of Google, having a non-mobile friendly website will mean a lower ranking on Google mobile search. Also, social engagement with brands is up to 10 percent higher if engagement between customers and brands is done via mobile devices. This calls for strategic thinking on the issue of having a mobile-friendly online marketing approach.

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