Philadelphia has an important place in American history. It is the birthplace of modern America, so to say. The process of unification of the different states began here. It even served as a capital of the country until it was shifted to Washington DC. The city is strikingly unique for its encouragement to public art. There an art display almost on every corner of the city. Even graffiti is considered a form of art in this historical city.

Köppen climate classification has it that Philadelphia lies under a zone that experiences a humid subtropical climate while their counterparts, Trewartha climate classification, claims that Philly experiences temperate maritime climate. Summers are usually hot and humid while winters tend to be quite cold. winters are too cold. Spring and fall are generally mild making them the best seasons to visit this historic city. Cheap tickets to Philadelphia may be difficult to find at this time of the year.

The city has a number of museums and galleries to explore. The public transport system is near perfect, so a budget traveler can make good use of it. There are some cheap international flights to the city, and all information pertaining to these flights is available on the website of different budget airlines. A city pass is also a good way of saving money on entrance tickets to some of the attractions in the city. It can be used to visit the zoo, aquarium, Big Bus and a couple of museums.

Thanks to its open display of public art, any person visiting the city can enjoy the different exhibits for free. It is the city of Benjamin Franklin, and there is a science museum dedicated in his memory. He was instrumental for many of the developments of the city, including the postal system, public library, and fire department, to name a few.

Another famous resident of this city was Edgar Allan Poe. The author’s former home is open to the public. The city also has America’s most historic prison, The Eastern State Penitentiary. It is believed to be haunted and a popular place to visit during Halloween.

The city has a number of parks and gardens with the scope of enjoying a lot of outdoor activities, like biking, walking, and skateboarding. Another attraction of the city is the Philadelphia Zoo. It has a large number of animals and is a good place for families and kids. The city has five squares of open spaces, which are very popular with the locals. Each one of the squares has a unique feel and character to it. The city has a vibrant nightlife too. No vacation to the city will be complete without trying out the famous and mouthwatering cheesesteaks. It is usually made with fresh bread filled with shaven beef. However, you should ensure your vacation to this beautiful city coincides with the beautiful climate during spring or fall to ensure you get the best out of the city.

Philadelphia PA Points of Interest