Philadelphia, or “Philly”, has a very rich background history since its establishment by Indians. The Indians resided there long before the Europeans arrived in the 1700s. The Dutch were the initial settlers in Philly and it was recognized as part of the then-New Netherlands colony. The Dutch colony was later conquered by the English colonizers who later used it to settle a debt they owed William Penn. The city grew to become one of the largest commercial cities in the U.S. It was temporality used as the nation’s temporary capital in 1979 before the federal government left in the year 1800. Over time, Philadelphia has grown to be a home for many people, a business, educational and cultural center as well as a tourist destination.

If you are looking to travel to Philly, you can get there via the Philadelphia International Airport, a world-class airport that operates with thousands of flights arriving and departing on a daily basis. US Airways has the maximum presence here, with many flights to and from the city to different US cities and international destinations. There are other major airlines, like Air France, and British Airways which have offer attractive deals on airline tickets to Philly. After you arrive at the airport, the airport shuttle and airport hotels will ensure that your arrival and accommodation plans are met to the letter. If you are from a closer destination, you can use the bus service that is a cheaper and convenient means as well. The city has many different bus services that work around the clock for you to travel at your convenient time. You can also use the subway or your car and it will be at your convenience.

Once you get to Philly, you can stay in any place you like since the city has many options for you to choose. There are many hotels, resorts, apartments and bed and breakfasts in diverse neighborhoods for you to choose from. You can also look up a Philadelphia travel guide to direct you to either the convention center district, the old city, the Center City, the Rittenhouse Square and simply put, you will be completely spoilt for choice!
When you arrive in Philadelphia, there are tons of activities that you can keep yourself busy with. For instance, you can take a tour of the city by walking on foot to take in the amazing cityscape. There are tour guides who offer horse rides around the city, there are also river cruises and city drives. You can even be treated in one of Philly’s unusual Segways that includes a ride on a two-wheeled modern invention called the Segway. What’s more, if you are tired from all that walking around or traveling around, you can also visit the world-class restaurants and treat yourself to the rare cuisines that have graced the city for a long time.

Philadelphia PA Points of Interest