Residents of Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas know that to find fresh food doesn’t require a lengthy journey. This is an area known for a great bounty of fresh seafood, fruits, and vegetables. Local farmer’s markets in Philadelphia host dozens of area farms and artisans that offer just-picked goodness for the dinner table. If you’re concerned about eating right and eating local to sustain the environment, you should definitely take your shopping list to any of the regular farmer’s markets in the city.

Though the city of Philadelphia area enjoys reasonably pleasant weather all year long, some farmer’s markets remain seasonal. At best, you’ll find many places open from April through October, where you can take advantage of fresh strawberries and peaches, corn and beans, peanuts, and organic eggs and meat. Bring a basket and your appetite, and try some of these popular stops:

Reading Terminal Market

The popular indoor farmers market in the center of Philly and plays host to a large market on a daily basis all year round. Local farmers have fresh fruit and veggies, dairy, and handmade items, among other things. The market has been serving both locals and visitors for over 100 years.

Clark Park Farmers’ Market

This market is situated on Baltimore Avenue and features more than just the typical farmers market. The market features a play area with a basketball pitch, an open field, walking paths, and the locally famous Dickens statue. Most of the businesses are open year round to provide good food, and during the spring and summer more vendors come out to sell plants, homemade remedies, and crafts.

East Falls Farmers’ Market

This market enjoys a short season – from around March to November – so head over to the City Park and stock up on locally grown herbs, root vegetables, berries, flowers and more.

Fitler Square Farmers Market

This weekly market runs throughout the year. The merchants in Fitler Square highlight the best of local food from Philadelphia, PA.

Top of the Hill Farmers Market

This popular open-air market is situated on 184 E Evergreen Avenue near the Oceanfront. It’s the best spot for local organic produce in Chestnut Hill and the surrounding neighborhoods. The meat and seafood at Top of the Hill Farmers Market is simply the best you’ll ever get.
When you have a craving for something sweet or savory, but completely nutritious, the farmers markets of Philadelphia, PA have something to satisfy your appetite. Have some cash on hand, because not all vendors take plastic, and be ready to crack open your cookbook and create many delicious dishes from locally grown food.

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