Once the most populated city in the US and the second largest city in the British Empire after London, Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania these days ranks sixth overall in size in the US. With 5.8 million inhabitants but only 1.5 million who live in central Philadelphia, it feels a lot smaller than it really is. Philadelphia, alternatively known as Philly, has a deep history and prides itself in being the birthplace of American revolutionary war. Although more commonly known for its historical places of interest and the world-renowned cheese steaks, Philadelphia, PA is also famous for the notable celebrities that have been born and raised there. From authors to powerful politicians, Philadelphia has been the birthplace of some of the most notable names in the nation since time immemorial.

To begin with, Philly’s most famous son, Benjamin Franklin, is credited with much of the city’s rise in prominence. Franklin was a leading author, politician, scientist, and inventor – just to name a few of his talents- but his most famous work involves the discovery and subsequent work in electricity. Philadelphia’s colonial roots are evident in its size and layout. Much of the city can be easily accessed by foot. With the city being broken up into distinct quarters getting around is quite easy for tourists and locals alike.
Will Smith (Willard Carroll Smith Jr) is another name to come from Philadelphia that has become well-known around the world. Born in the beautiful Pennsylvanian city of Philadelphia, Will Smith is most famous for being a successful actor and singing.

Bebe Moore Campbell is another highly successful author to come from Philadelphia. Born in this historic city, Bebe Moore Campbell became an internationally recognized person for her talented writing in fiction and memoirs, particularly her award-winning piece “Sweet Summer: Growing Up With and Without My Dad”. Since her first publication, Bebe Moore Campbell went on to write several more books, essays, and articles, most of which feature in many anthologies.

From writers to actors, Philadelphia has produced many famous celebrities. An ever-growing number of attractions in Philadelphia make it a popular destination for fans looking to explore the city that molded such famous names. Other famous people from the city of brotherly love include Richard W. Meade, Vic Seixas, Marvin Harrison, Willard Carroll Smith Jr., Cecilia Beaux, Joseph Addison Alexander, Derek Curtis Bok, Gaylord P. Harnwell, C. Everett Coop, Lawrence H. Summers, Lawrence Venuti, and Robert X. Golphin among others.

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