With its vast tourist attraction sites, the greater Philadelphia area has a lot of family-friendly things activities for those who wish to wish to spend a fun day out with friends and family. To experience Philadelphia’s past, visit the old city on 6th street. The place is famous for the Liberty Bell that signifies liberty, the Constitutional Hall where the first and second meetings of the constitution took place and the Independence Hall where the signing of the Treaty of Independence took place. All of these share a great deal of the city’s notable past which contributes to making the city famous for being the “Birthplace of America.”

At the same time, get a dose of the city’s modern culture through a variety of activities available. Enjoy munching on a Philly cheesesteak sandwich while watching professional sports games. Visit the numerous parks and talk to the locals in the area because they can give you great advice about the town. You can also shop at the city’s commercial district where you get to see Philadelphia’s many firsts in a chain of supermarkets, discount stores, and shopping centers. Every single one of them will give you the experience of modern culture while sharing a bit of their past. This makes the city an ideal place to visit for those who want to get the feel for the old ambiance while living in the new era. It’s a convenient destination for those who want to experience the best of both worlds.

If your family loves the arts, you are in luck. Philadelphia happens to be home to many of the best museums in the world. One of those is the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The Philadelphia Museum of Art was founded more than 125 years ago. Originally it included both a museum and a school but the school has since moved away to a new location. It was originally designed to be a world-class museum modeled after those in England. This world-famous museum features over 200 different galleries and over 200,000 different works of art. It is visited by over 1 million people every year making it extremely popular. Art lovers will be amazed by the extensive collection. They will find paintings from the Renaissance, architecture from around the world, Medieval artifacts, American Revolutionary period furniture and much more. Some of the artifacts of note include medieval Spanish armor, Prometheus Bound a painting from 1618 and modern art from Juan Gris. There is something to interest everyone at this majestic museum. It would take days to actually see it all.

Philadelphia also prides itself in being home to several world class parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and remarkable recreational facilities. Some of the most notable family friendly recreational centers that offer a plethora of activities for both kids and adults in Philly include Fairmount Park, Penn Treaty Park, Franklin Square, Sister Cities Park, and Washington Square among others.

Philadelphia PA Points of Interest