Being a recognized educational hub, Philadelphia, PA, (Philadelphia County) is home to some of the top performing schools including some of the top-rated elementary schools. These schools boast of having some of the best facilities and staff to enable young students to grow and learn in an enabling environment. Below are some of the most loved elementary schools in the historic city that is Philadelphia.

Albert M Greenfield Elementary School is one of the top elementary schools in Philadelphia, PA. Despite being associated with controversial political views, Albert M Greenfield Elementary produces some of the best middle school candidates in the state. The school is located on Chestnut Street in the center of the city.

Greenberg Elementary School is among the best of the best. With its ultra-modern facilities, great bathrooms, great recreational facilities, clean water fountains, professional staff, and teachers make the place fun and great to attend. Greenberg Elementary is situated on 600 Sharon Lane.

West Philadelphia Achievement Charter Elementary School also makes the cut of the top schools in the city and Pennsylvania at large. Despite the fact that the school has nothing much to show off in terms of recreational facilities, the school boast of being one of the top performers in the Philadelphia area. The school which is located on Callowhill Street features ample parking on a spacious and accommodating environment.

Meredith Elementary School or as some call it, William M. Meredith School is another top performing institution in the city of Philadelphia. The school is situated on 5th Street in the middle of Queen Village. This prestigious school is known for being a caring and collaborative school community which is dedicated to empower students and instill values in them as well as help them experience education through innovation and exploration. It also helps promote reciprocal relationships among students, families, staff, and faculty. It is simply one of the best schools in the city.

Mastery Charter Smedley Elementary School is a renowned charter school situated on Bridge Street within the coveted Frankford neighborhood. Formerly known as Franklin Smedley School, Smedley Elementary has been under the jurisdiction of the Mastery Charter Schools for over seven years. The schools building was created by the famous Irwin T. Catharine and built from 1927to 1928. The building which was added to the historic place’s national register in 1988 features the famous Gothic Revival style. It is one of the city’s attractions and a great hub for education.

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