Philadelphia, PA is both as intriguing as it is magnificent. The city’s wealth of information about the past specifically during the revolutionary war when it once served as the nation’s capital is surprisingly interesting. Apparently, the Treaty of Independence took place in the very city’s Independence Hall in 6th Street where quite a number of historical buildings and landmarks are situated including the famous Liberty Bell that served as a symbol of America’s Freedom. Because of these historic sites and museums found within the area, Philadelphia has earned the reputation of an educational center.

Subsequently, Philadelphia has been home to a lot of different people since the early 20th century giving it its other title, “City of Neighborhoods” and earning its spot in the top 3’s largest and most populated city in the country. Due to the mixture of many different nationalities that reside in apartments in Philadelphia, this has resulted to the many historical accounts, legends, skills, music, arts, and crafts the city is turned it into a multicultural center.

The city’s diverse population has brought in a plethora of merchants coming from various cultures who have influenced the construction and growth of commercial establishments that make up Philadelphia’s commercial center or as many would call it, the central business district which is located in Center City. This includes department stores, shopping centers, banks, discount stores, and supermarkets that have made it in today’s society. At present, there are more than a dozen companies situated in the area and some of them have are even included in the Fortune 500 list of successful companies such as Comcast which is one of the largest cable television providers, CIGNA insurance, Aramark and Lincoln Financial Group. Because of these, Philadelphia is a well-known commercial center.

Philadelphia also has a long tradition in being home to some of the world’s best cuisines. From World Class Restaurants to Cheese Steaks to Pretzels. Looking a bit closer, Philadelphia has a number of well know food districts with particular regional influences. Each has a unique story. Located on 1st & Race St. is Philadelphia’s Chinatown, one of the local food districts, was first formed in the 1870s. The neighborhood, which continues to develop, now consists of over 50 restaurants and 15 grocery stores, as well as other businesses such as coffee shops, bakeries, and more. Philadelphia’s Chinatown has grown to a popular world attraction for people who want a taste of the great Chinese culture and cuisine without having to go to China. Other food districts include Italian Market and Restaurant Row which is also situated in Center city. If you really want a complete experience of history and culture in a modern setting, Philadelphia is where you need to be.

Philadelphia PA Points of Interest