As women and men make it a part of their beauty routine to avail the services of beauty salons and spas in Philadelphia, PA, these facilities continue to grow in numbers whilst improving their quality of services through professionalism and use of state of the art technology. One of the trending procedures at Philadelphia’s top salons, especially for men is waxing. Technology has evolved to make us sharper, smarter, and quicker, and even look better. So with the stone age being far behind us, so is the appeal of a hairy caveman body. Today, waxing for men’s chests, backs, legs, and arms and even bikini area is executed quicker and less painfully than ever before thanks to the best salons in this beautiful city.

Apart from the waxing bit, these salons and spas offer a vast list of services to cater to their client’s all-round appearance and wellness. These services range from hair styling and haircuts all the way to pedicure, manicure and full body massage. With the fast growth in the beauty industry, the problem of choosing the right facility to best serve your needs becomes an issue. Below is an overview of the top rated beauty salons and spas within Philly.

Red Sage Salon & Spa is the place to go if you are looking for a beauty salon that offers the best hair services, manicures, pedicures, and massages. The staff is very friendly and professional. They offer packages that sometimes include some snacks to ensure you fully enjoy your pampered stay at the Red Sage.

The locally famed Adolf Biecker Spa / Salon is another spot you should consider visiting if you are a person who values beauty and general appearance. Rated among the top spas in Philadelphia, Adolf Biecker Spa / Salon boasts of super friendly staff, ultra-modern equipment, and top-of-the-line services. They offer the best cuts, hair coloring, nails, and waxing services among other services in their comprehensive salon services menu. Their facility has two branches within Philadelphia.

Serenity Beauty Salon is another top salon that features modern facilities and equipment in a cozy and welcoming environment. This coupled up with the great quality of and the vast variety of services on offer make Serenity Beauty Salon a force to reckon with. Other top beauty spots in Philly include Pretoria Salon & Spa, Arslan Salon and Spa, Art Plus Science Salon Spa, Richel D’Ambra Spa + Salon, and Admirations Hair It Iz.

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