The city of Philadelphia, PA or “Philly” is a very historically charming city with a plethora of annual festivities and events to enjoy when you visit this former U.S capital. Below are the most observed events in Philly that occur on a yearly basis?

St Patrick’s Day

The Philadelphia turns green every March as the people of the Windy City celebrate another big day. There is a parade through the city’s center, as people pour into the streets to enjoy the sights and sounds. This is definitely a top-notch destination. Since 1771, the people of Philadelphia have officially celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. So, it’s no wonder they’re so good at it. The Philly festival is family-friendly so everyone can have a good time, whether they are old or young.

Ben Franklin Days

Ben Franklin Days take place on Labor Day weekend in Philly at the famous Independence Hall. The event includes a re-enactment of freedom fighters preparing for action during the fight for freedom. There are actors who imitate Benjamin Franklin and respond to questions from the attendees. The event also includes guided tours of the famed Independence Hall and a craft fair which is hosted at the Independence Square. Be sure to take a peek at this famous event on your next visit.

Tree lighting event

The yearly Tree lighting festival takes place on Christmas, on the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving on Philly’s Independence Square. The event is presided over by the Mayor of Philadelphia. Apart from seeing the city transform into a beautiful spectacle, you can also participate in enjoying the hot delicious chocolate that is served at this event. This annual tree lighting celebration is something to look forward to in this famous City of Brotherly Love.

Independence Day

For those who wish to experience the finest Fourth of July festival, there is no better place to do this than in Philadelphia’s Independence Park. This event features fireworks and engaging re-enactments of historic debates and proceedings that led to the revolution. As mentioned earlier, there is no better place to celebrate this annual festival than the home to the world famous Liberty Bell and initial capital of the U.S.

Philadelphia, PA is a giant city and there are lots of events that and festivals that take place within its walls all year round. Many of these events have a historical significance to them. If you love history and participate in historical events in the learning process, Philadelphia is your city.

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