There has been a lot of discussion on what 2016 will bring for SEO and SEO strategies. One such discussion is the link-building process. SEOs uses the process of building links as a method to help rank a website since Google’s algorithm considers links as a vote for popularity of that website. They measure trust, spam, and authority based on these links as well. Link-building is an integral part of an effective SEO strategy.

manual link-buildingA search engine will judge whether a link is low-quality or is a relevant and high-quality inbound link. A link needs to have a lot of work put into it. By manually building links, an SEO expert ensures that the link they are creating is valuable and has high authority and trust. This is one of the ways that search engines decipher a good site from a mediocre site when ranking. Hence, why link farming creates a bunch of junk links that have no authority in the eyes of the search engine and so they are a waste of time and money. In the following article by Search Engine Land, they discuss the value of manual link-building:

Links have always been an important ranking signal, having famously been the core of Google’s original search algorithm. Algorithmically counting a link as a vote of confidence is what differentiated Google in the first place, making their results better than competing search engines.

Today, links remain powerful, precisely because Google continues to invest in links as a signal. With every Penguin update or manual action from Google’s webspam team, Google makes links a little better as a signal, removing some of the spam — or noise — that was making links less trustworthy.

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This article discusses the importance of building links manually and the evolution of the process. It also goes into detail on why link-building is still such a powerful process due to the fact that it is still a basis for Google’s algorithm.

Since it is the end of the year, prediction posts of what will happen in the year 2016 for SEO strategies are starting to appear. Some posts have even claimed that link building will not be as important during the year 2016. In the following article by Search Engine Land, they discuss why link-building will still remain important for the year 2016:

Why Manual Link Building Will Never Be Obsolete

Certain aspects of the link-building process have already proven to be pointless and obsolete. But one thing that will never change is human desire to connect with other humans, to share, cultivate, curate and collect useful, valuable and helpful pages, apps, or whatever the digital content is, with each other. If that wasn’t the case, there would be no Twitter, which is tailor-made for link sharing.

The internet is always going to be about people connecting with other people, or connecting with content written by people (sorry, Narrative Science). And while I agree there are many link-building strategies, tactics and techniques that need to die a slow and painful death, the process of one person sharing with another person an incredibly useful piece of content that will resonate with that person and result in a link will never go out of style and will never be obsolete.

This section was originally found on the “Search Engine Land” website which can be viewed here.

This article talks about how link-building will never be a process that is never used. In fact, it will always be used as long as people use the internet to connect to other people or content which is main focus for social networking sites that are so popular today.

Since link-building will remain as one the most effective SEO strategies for 2016 and onward, then it is important to know what link-building strategies are the most effective. As Google updates and changes their algorithm, this process has changed. What strategies will be the most effective for the year 2016? In the following article titled “Working Link Building Tips for 2016” by Tech Cocktail, they discuss this in further detail. Here are a couple of the tips that we found the most useful:

Viral Social Traffic

There is nothing new about using social media to promote yourself; however, doing it effectively is another thing entirely. Today all really effective social media campaigns are viral to this or that degree – and yours shouldn’t be an exception.

Development of Personal Brand

It is what all other methods should lead up to, in a way. It is not a fast way, mind you – there is no clear-cut formula to creating and building up a brand. It is done gradually, slowly, in small steps – through guest posting, dealing with people through social media, helping others with their problems, writing authoritative articles in your niche, getting press coverage, giving speeches at thematic conferences and so on. Developing a brand will take a great deal of time and effort – but the results are much greater than anything you can expect from any “fast and easy” schemes.

Link-building is an SEO strategy that has had a long history and will continue to have one according to SEO gurus. However, knowing what manual link-building techniques are the most effective and implementing them into your SEO marketing plan will help you establish authority and trust within the search engines.


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