internal linkingSearch Google for any keyword or phrase… in 99% cases you will find Wikipedia among the first three results. What differentiates this website from the others to make it so powerful? Are its webmasters using any special SEO strategy? No! They are simply utilizing the power of internal linking. Visit that site and read the articles therein. You will find that it contains numerous links, each one of them pointing to another page of the same site, but containing detailed information about that particular keyword. If they can use internal links to leverage their search engine page rankings (SERPs), so can you.

Common errors and simple solutions

One feels surprised to see the lengths webmasters will go to promote their client’s website. They resort to posting comments in blogs having high page rankings and containing topics related to their website. They believe that they can boost the page rankings of their client’s website with this method. This might help to some extent. However, this can prove to be a Herculean task, especially their client’s website offers numerous types of products and services. Internal linking is the best option for them.


How search engines index a website

The bots of search engine first crawl through the index page of a website. If it finds any link on that page, it visits the page associated with that link and goes through it too. Therefore, you should include links to the important sections of your website on the main page. This allows the search engine to crawl through them easily and include them in its index.

Keep links relevant

Keep links relevant and spread them throughout your website. Suppose you promote and sell perfumes, electronics, and garments through your website. In such a scenario, you should include links on your index page that leads to these three different sections. You can then include other links in those sections that lead to particular products of a specific category.

Avoid confusing the search engine

SEOMany webmasters make the mistake of including the link of a particular product on the index page. For example, they might include a link to the latest mobile, and forget to include a link to the `mobile section’ of their website. In such a scenario, the search engine will not index the mobile section because it finds no direct link to it.

Importance of internal linking

Make your website friendly both for visitors and search engines by cross linking important sections of your website from the index page and vice versa.

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