Hyper Local SEO Web Pages For Marketing and Advertising

Hyper local webpages are very effective tools for obtaining search engine results that matter for local businesses. Consider this, your customers are searching for your products and services, using their city as part of the search phrase to ensure that they achieve local results. Additionally, if the search is taking place with a mobile phone, Google is automatically utilizing this geo-modifier based on the IP address where the phone is located. Having a website that contains hyper-local marketing pages helps to secure search engine results that generate leads.

In this case study, I will show you results that highlight the effectiveness of utilizing webpages with hyper local, geocentric content. This case study is featuring a test website that I built to generate leads for my own business. To begin, let’s look at a two week period of phone calls that are being generated from this website. The following image shows phone call activity from October 20 to November 4. As you can see, October 27 had the highest volume of phone calls, peaking at 7 qualified calls.

Call volume from hyper-local marketing web pages

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It is important to note that the call volume for this particular niche may be substantially different for other niches. In this particular case, an average of four calls per day is exceptional. While this website is focusing on generating phone calls as its main call to action, we also utilize our hyper local strategy for websites that are focused on selling a products or service with e-commerce. It works equally as well for e-commerce sales as it does for phone call lead generation.

The Hyperlocal Marketing Strategy

The foundational element of hyper local pages is the pairing of the targeted keyword phrase with the targeted city. For example, if the main target keyword phrase is “roof repair” and the city is “Monroe, NY” then it stands to reason that a consumer would perform a Google search for phrases like, “roof repair in monroe ny”, “monroe roof repairs”, “monroe roofing company”, “roofers in monroe ny”, etc. A single page can be constructed to perform well for any of the search variations. However, if your service area spans more towns than Monroe New York, you will most likely need more than a single page.

Typically, local businesses and especially service based businesses have service areas that span beyond just a single town. In this case, utilizing a hyper local marketing strategy is essential to get consistent, high quality rankings in the search engine. Consider the roofing example above. A roofer that services Monroe NY most likely also services Middletown NY,  Chester NY, Washingtonville NY  and all surrounding areas. It is very conceivable that such a roofer would have a service area consisting of over 100 towns and cities. In this situation, the roofer would have exceptional results with their website if they were to target all 100 towns with individual pages.

A Real World, Hyper Local Page Example

The following is a video example that highlights the hyper local case study for L4 Group. This video shows live searches in the resulting hyper local pages that generated the phone call volume in the image above. as you’ll see in the video, the website is appearing on the first page of google for many search terms.

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Do you want to implement a hyper-local strategy on your website?

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