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Companies That Are Listed On Page 1 Of Google Get 95% Of All Web Traffic.*

We help convert potential patients at the moment they are searching online. You may not be ranking near the top of search results, but we can help you get there with targeted advertising and increasing your organic ranking.

*source: Google

HVAC company Google map rankings

Our Digital Marketing Toolbox Consists Of The Following:

Custom Website Design

We build a proven, lead-generating custom website for your HVAC business. Our sites are designed to attract customers and get them to raise their hands!

Search Engine Optimization

Along with your new custom HVAC website, we optimize the page content so your site ranks well in the search engines for the terms and phrases your customers use.

Social Media Marketing

Social platforms are a great way to boost your local brand awareness and community involvement. We leverage Facebook, Twitter and Google My Business on your behalf. 

Review Marketing

We help you leverage the power of online reviews and social influence to attract more customers and leads than your competition with our time-tested HVAC review method.

Paid Advertising 

Paid advertising is effective for HVAC contractors when implemented correctly. We execute your paid ad campaigns in the highest, most effective manner.

Content Marketing

Through the use of case studies, web page content, press releases, and blog posts, we position your HVAC company as the local authority in your region. 

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HVAC Digital Marketing

L4 Group is an industry-leading full-service digital marketing agency specializing in all types of internet marketing services for HVAC companies, designed to help grow your business. If you are looking to increase traffic to your site, looking for leads, or to maximize conversions, we can assist in creating a successful online marketing campaign to help meet your business goals.

We offer solutions for your business best in class internet marketing services which are listed below that can help achieve impactful results:

HVAC Website Design

Your website is one of the first interactions potential customers have with your business. Within this fast-paced world, consumers make a judgment based on their impressions of the look, feel, and ease of use of a website. It’s one of the reasons why web design services can have an enormous impact on your company's growth. At the L4 Group, we specialize in creating a unique website design for each and every one of our clients in the HVAC industry. No matter the type of website or system currently being implemented within your site, we here at L4 Group can help.

With world-class website designs, we implement a strategy designed to surpass your expectations, designed to deliver results. Whether you are looking for a WordPress website design or using antiquated systems, our exclusive site builds will help launch your business to where it needs to be. All thanks to our industry-leading knowledge of online digital marketing concepts integrated into your HVAC business site design.

You can expect to have the following included in each website build:

  • Unique Website Design
  • WordPress Website Design
  • Lead Capturing Forms
  • Responsive Design (Mobile-Friendly)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Call To Actions
  • Marketing Automation Integration
  • Database Integration

Content Creation for Heating & Cooling Contractors

Being able to compete in this digital age, website content creation is the key to unlocking your business’s potential, by producing topic ideas that appeal to your customer base. By creating both visual and written content supporting those topics, you allow your information to be more accessible to each and every consumer, in the form of videos, blogs, or any other type of format syndicated across the web.

At the L4 Group, we work with your HVAC business to develop a plan to reach your goals. By means of using our design and development expertise to write authentic and descriptive content, meant to engage your audience throughout all your digital marketing channels. Helping to get your services in front of your client base.

Content Creation We Provide Include:

  • Blog Posts
  • Lead Pages
  • Articles
  • E-Books
  • Infographics (Interactive Content)

HVAC SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Having a nice looking website just isn’t enough to get you found. Sure it looks pretty, but does it translate into leads? With the L4 Group, you can anticipate a customized optimization strategy designed to help increase the visibility of your brand to rank higher across search engines. Helping your site see a noticeable increase in service-based lead generation, brand awareness, and revenue growth. Guiding the success of your HVAC company’s SEO plan and strategy. As a best-in-class digital marketing agency, we understand that every HVAC client has a different need to exceed their business goals.

That is what we implement In Our SEO Campaign Strategies:

Keyword Research
Terms That You Need To Be Ranking For In The Heating And Cooling Industry

On-Page Optimization
The Internals Built To Enhance The Correlation Between A Term Being Searched Online By A Prospective Client And Your Website

Off-Page Optimization
Building Links To High-Authority Blogs And Other Publications Designed To Increase Impact To Website Traffic

UX Implementation
Making It Easy For The Customer To Complete The Tasks They Came There For

UI Implementation
The Look And Feel Of The Site

HVAC Local Map Listings

With local customers performing searches at an ever-increasing rate for services in their area, having your company’s name, address, and phone number being properly listed on Google has never been as important as it is today. Have you ever searched for a local business on Google and saw a profile page with all the company’s relevant information? This, in our eyes, is a requirement for all HVAC companies. It allows prospective clients to easily get in contact with your business for goods or services they may need.

At the L4 Group, we implement a world-class strategy, designed to build your HVAC profile page with all your business information so your customers can leave reviews and ask questions about your services, to give you a powerful tool that stands out on a Google search. This will help to increase local visibility in your target market.

What Is Included In A Google Business Listing:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Relevant Offers
  • Business Type
  • Link To Website
  • Hours
  • Photos

Social media marketing For HVAC Companies

With individuals being on their computers and smartphones at an ever-increasing rate, having your business situated on Social Media sites helps to increase your online visibility in ways never thought imaginable, by means of connecting with your client base on a more personal level as well as for digital marketing purposes. With the ability to post relevant content that individuals could like, share, and interact with your business, allowing you to reach more potential customers.

With the L4 Group leading the way for HVAC social media marketing concepts by means of creating a social media marketing plan tailored towards HVAC businesses, we can help achieve new growth for your heating and cooling business organically through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etc. Organic posts are only the first step to social media marketing. We implement a social media strategy of paid ads to increase leads and generate traffic through eye-catching posts targeted to individuals all based on their own social media marketing profile.

Our Social Media Marketing Services Include:

  • Social Media Site Design
  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter Page
  • Instagram Page

Targeted Paid Ads
Targeting Individuals Based On Their Interests, Liked Pages, Location, Demographics, And Profile Information

Organic Posts
Designed To Receive Likes And Responses From Clients

Tracking By Using Pixels
Code We Imbed On Your Website That Collects Data To Track Conversions From Facebook Ads Such As Remarketing To Individuals Who Have Already Performed An Action On Your Website, Optimized Ads, Creating Targeted Audiences For New Ads

HVAC Pay Per Click

With individuals expecting to find what they are looking for as fast as possible when searching online, Pay Per Click is going to be a superior tool for your business to succeed. It is a way of paying to get your products or services out in front of your customer base to increase leads and potential sales. Since Pay Per Click has come to the scene it has been a game-changer for a lot of companies as you do not have to wait 3-6 months as you do with SEO to start seeing results.

How much would it help your business if you were able to put an ad out for what services you are offering when an individual is searching for similar services on the web? With almost 95% of all web traffic going to the first page of search engines, having your business appear can equate to higher sales, more quality leads, brand awareness all while not breaking the bank. The goal of running Paid Ads is to see results quickly for a better return on investment or ROI, lead generation, and to increase traffic and sales.

The L4 Group is an industry leader in the heating and cooling market for PPC or Pay Per Click advertising. It is one of the best-recommended ways to target your audience, by allowing you to reach them where they’re currently looking, and helps to get an advantage against your competitors. At the L4 Group, a world-class PPC agency, we take the time to make sure that your ads are built in a way to entice an individual searching online for your goods or services with a goal of a first-page ad.

How We Get Results For PPC Or Pay Per Click Services:

  • Digital Competitor Analysis
    • Performing A Market Analysis Of Your Industry And Service Areas
    • Analyzing Search Terms Fit For Your Business With Monthly Search Volumes
    • Researching Your Competitors Currently Spending On PPC Campaigns With A Higher Ad Position
    • Designing A Plan For Revenue And Cost-Per-Lead Business Goals
  • Data-Driven Customized Ads
    • Researching Keywords And Analyzing How Your Possible Customers Are Searching Online For Similar Services
    • Conducting Competitor Analysis Research
    • Designing An Ad Copy For Higher-Performing Ads
  • PPC Ad Tracking Of
    • Calls, Leads, Sales
    • Optimizing Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
    • Click-Through Rate
    • Average Ad Positions Based On Campaign
  • PPC Campaign Management
    • Analyzing And Managing Proper Bids For Each Campaign We Run
    • Monitoring And Analyzing Keyword Search Queries
    • Monitoring And Managing Average Position, Cost-Per-Click, And Click-Through-Rate
  • Paid Search Campaigns
    • Ad-Specific Landing Page For PPC Campaign
    • Paid Ads Designed To Target Potential Clients Based On Search Queries Performed In Search Engines
    • Display Network Ads
    • Retargeted Ads
    • Remarketing Campaigns
    • Geo-Fencing To Target Very Specific Geographical Areas
  • PPC Advertising For Multiple Platforms
    • Campaign Management For Google Ads
    • YouTube Ads
    • Ads Management For Google Local Services
    • Bing Ads campaign management

Video Marketing For HVAC Companies

In today’s digital landscape, creating and designing video ads or just informational videos for your current clients and prospective clients is a major advantage to companies who do not. By having current, informative, and interesting content to showcase to your target market, you can have more sets of eyes on your business. With video marketing for HVAC companies, you can create ads to show up on streaming-services such as YouTube, Hulu, ETC. as well as social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etc.

At the L4 Group, we specialize in helping to broadcast your unique video content with our best-in-class HVAC video marketing and HVAC video advertising services. We help to distribute your video content to different syndications across the internet as well as on your own digital properties.

How We Use Video Marketing To Increase Leads

  • Using Streaming Services To Showcase Videos With Precise Targeting
    • Demographics
    • Interests
    • Geography
    • Similar Content
  • Sending Videos To Digital Media Sites To Increase Brand Awareness And Interactions
    • YouTube
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Hulu
  • Posting Videos To Blogs
  • Adding Videos To Your Online Properties

HVAC email marketing

One of the best ways to receive high-quality leads is through HVAC email marketing campaigns that start when a potential client fills a form out on your website. The main goal is to get an individual’s email address into your database. Once you have an email address, it allows us to set up email automation, which is having a string of emails designed to be automatically sent to prospective clients with specific pathways to deliver the results your business needs.

Part of working with a world-class digital marketing agency is expecting results. At the L4 Group, we design your email automation based on the services or products where you want customers to be directed. Setting a goal within the string of emails to get the client to schedule a consultation. It is one of the absolute best ways to have a quality lead where you just have to close the deal.

What We Include Within Our Email Marketing Plan:

  • Creating Unique Emails
  • Setting Up Email Automation Driven By Results
  • Setting A Clearly Defined Goal

Review Strategy For HVAC Companies

With individuals being able to leave their feedback across the internet, it is essential to keep your digital marketing plan fresh with new and updated practices and techniques. By having a strong online review strategy for HVAC companies, you can collect Google Business reviews, NearbyNow reviews, testimonials for your website, Facebook reviews, Yelp reviews and more that can help boost your business to new heights.

With the L4 Group, we take the time to make sure there are plenty of avenues for customers to leave their feedback on your business. With review sites becoming ever more prevalent in today’s digital world, it is best to get on top of any and all reviews, giving prospective clients the ability to see the quality of work and services your business provides. We help to develop a marketing plan surrounding these reviews to help the growth of the business for more leads and sales based on other client’s reviews of your business.

What You Can Expect From This Marketing Approach:

  • Online Ratings From Clients
  • Potential Increase In Sales
  • Establishing Of A Good Amount Of Positive Reviews Posted To Your Digital Properties

HVAC Directory Management

One of the top ways to be found locally is by having digital properties on different directory websites. Within the heating and cooling industry, working with the best HVAC directory management company is key to having your business information listed online for individuals to find. When someone is performing a Google search for HVAC services in your target area, having a plethora of online directory sites gives your business an advantage against your competitors. We work to put you on all the top directory sites such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, YellowPages, Yelp, Manta, etc. For best exposure for your HVAC business.

Here at the L4 Group, we take the time to build a ring around your business of different HVAC directory sites all containing pertinent information regarding your business that are backlinked to your website. With our HVAC directory services, you will notice:

  • More Websites Showing Up With Your Business Information
  • Potentially More Calls
  • Higher-Authority Sites Connected To Your Website


What Is SEO For HVAC Companies?

  • Business Information / Location - Having the correct, up to date, online information for your business is pertinent because it is usually the way individuals will reach out to your business. By having an out of date location or phone number, you run the risk of negative online reviews, missed leads, and a possible drop in sales. You have to ask yourself, would you work with another business if they do not have the correct contact details to get a hold of them?
  • Content Development - By creating the most unique and fresh content on your website, you can expect to see your ranking climb higher and higher as Google rewards rich relevant content in the search engines, allowing for more individuals to see your content sooner which translates to more leads to your HVAC business. By taking the time with your website, and creating a content development plan, you are telling search engines, here is my rich and unique content to showcase to individuals.
  • Directory Listings - Creating online HVAC directory listings is a great way to push more of your digital properties out to the web. When anyone is doing a search of your business or similar services you might be offering, it is best to have multiple websites showcasing your business details which in turn will help boost your HVAC online presence. By linking your website with these high-authority directory sites, your online optimization will see a boost.
  • Image Files - This is an area where most websites miss the mark. Creating relevant information on the back end of Image files helps search engines read what the image is. Google and other search engines cannot read pictures alone so creating the correct image name and metadata (background readable data) with it, allowing for your images to now help your online search optimization. We work to add this to pictures as part of our digital marketing strategy.
  • Link Building / Earning - This is an integral part of your search engine optimization by having your website links on reputable websites. It is NOT beneficial to have your links spammed to other sites as Google has stated non-relevant links will hurt your rankings. We have the approach of link earning by creating credible, trustworthy, content-rich links to trusted sites. By doing this, you are telling Google and other search engines that high-authority sites, Google properties, etc. are showcasing your content for others to see. This can also be done by building up different blogs, having press releases, or pages on your partner sites. Helping to give the traffic boost to the page based on the other site’s traffic. Remember, high quality, relevant content is what you need and should be marketed heavily.
  • Meta Titles / Descriptions - Having your metadata built properly is the cornerstone of your website’s SEO. The title of your site and pages should reflect the content on the page it is representing. Having terms in the title of your page that show up in the content enhance Google’s ability to rank your page higher when someone is doing a search online with similar keywords. Your meta description is a summary of the content of your page and should reflect both your meta title and content. Having the terms you want to possibly rank for in each of these, gives search engines a reason to rank your site higher because of the relevancy between each. Without having proper title tags or descriptions, a website would have a much more difficult time ranking.
  • Online Reviews - This is one of the most underrated ways of creating leads for your business. With review sites becoming more prevalent online, showcasing a high amount of positive reviews of your products and services on sites like Nearby Now, Google reviews, Yelp, Facebook, etc., allows for your local search optimization to jump higher. Google gives more credibility to companies with a lot of positive reviews.
  • Social Media - There are a lot of SEO benefits to having social media sites for HVAC companies. Such as building links through social shares, driving traffic to your site, attracting a relevant and engaged audience, and improving visibility with keyword optimization. We implement this online marketing strategy for HVAC because it touches on proper link building to reputable trusted sites and helps to provide increase the authority of your domain.
  • Website Design (CSS, HTML, etc.) - Down to the point here, the way your website is built can have a big impact on your SEO. Having a site that was coded incorrectly will annihilate any positive SEO you may have had and make you drop in the search rankings. Having a qualified website design for HVAC will allow the site to function properly and allow Google bots to efficiently run through your site to enhance where you could be listed in online searches.

HVAC SEO Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to wait to see results?

With new website builds, you can expect a turnaround of about 4 weeks for the build. That is because we need to design the site properly with SEO fundamentals and to test and double check to make sure it runs and functions the way it needs to.

With SEO, time is the key here. You should start seeing results in between 90-180 days of the site being launched. Search engine optimization being done the right way, with proper back links, metadata being implemented on site, keyword rich unique content, blogs, and social media posts take time to feed higher rankings to your website.

Does L4 Group help with online review management?

Yes, we utilize a proven method to grow your online review base and also market your positive reviews. This is done on most social media sites, Google business page, Yelp, ect. We share good user experiences to your site, post about them and help to develop a strategy to give you and your customers the best overall experience.

Why should I choose L4 Group over other businesses?

We have years of experience and a proven track record in marketing heating and cooling companies. We are not just an HVAC SEO company, we offer a comprehensive, holistic online marketing strategy for HVAC companies. After being a part of our HVAC marketing program, you will notice an increase in revenue and growth!

Besides SEO, what other services does L4 Group provide?

We are a full service digital marketing agency and offer a holistic online marketing approach that touches on various aspects of the internet. For example, your website, social media, reviews, video, ongoing content marketing, paid search, search engine optimization, email marketing, and directory management services to give your business the best potential for results.

Do clients pick their own keywords they want to rank for?

Clients can have input but we have a proven list of keywords that work for the HVAC industry. We have done the research for many years to find and locate what keywords phrases or words will have the most impact on your business. We even go into long tail keywords which are 3 or more words in a phrase that are very specific to what services you are offering.

On top of researching the search terms that are proven to work, we look into your localized local market to create hyperlocal content to get you found in your service area. This has a real impact on how customers find you while searching online. We even go as far as to have these search terms matching with blog articles that we create on behalf of your business to give you an extra push to your optimization.

Why should I get a custom HVAC website design?

Cookie cutter, templated websites are for the masses and are not capable of maximizing the full effect of our SEO and online marketing strategies. By having a custom designed website, we are able to optimize the site in ways that would be impossible with a template website. By using our world-class website team, we can use html and other program coding to add the details to the site that would otherwise be impossible. Not to forget about SEO which enhances your on-page optimization, allowing for your website to be found by the individuals you want in your service area.

What does your typical HVAC marketing engagement look like?

We start with a heavy focus on your website. We keep you in the loop with all the changes we make and provide updates along the way. We provide monthly reporting and monthly strategy calls to showcase the plan of action we have for your HVAC business.

What does an ideal client look like for L4 Group?

An HVAC company that has been in business for more than a year and has a strong desire to grow. Must be willing to listen and adopt our best practices. We are here to build your business to the place you had envisioned by allowing us to use our years of HVAC knowledge in the digital marketing industry.

How would you describe your pricing structure to a potential client?

We operate on a month to month basis with no long-term contract commitment. In the initial period of working together, we focus on building a strong foundation with your primary asset, your website. Your investment dollars go directly into an asset that you own. To help you see the best results to give you the leads you need and a site that can get results.

Do I need to use pay per click?

No, you do not need to implement PPC however, we do find that HVAC contractors who utilize this strategy get better overall results. This is something we will discuss in fine detail when we have a full digital marketing evaluation with you.

What does SEO involve for HVAC companies?

Search Engine Optimization for HVAC contractors and companies involves on-page adjustments on your website, adding content written to take advantage of search queries and technical SEO configurations on your website. It also involves performing tasks that are referred to as off-page SEO which means activities that take place outside of your website.

HVAC SEO and the Impact In Your Business

Regarding digital marketing, SEO is a discipline that has grown steadily in the past few years. SEO is the application of using search engines such as Google or Bing to get your brand in front of the billions of people actively searching online and to market your business to those who are searching online each day. SEO is just a fraction of any great digital marketing strategy, yet it is a pretty important one. There are a plethora of items you could invest in to grow your business using the internet marketing tactics for the optimization of your site.

One integral aspect about HVAC SEO that sets it apart from other types of digital marketing is this that if you spend money on ads through social media, you are disrupting some individual who was scrolling thoughtlessly through their personal news feed. You may or may not be able to draw their attention by posting organically. When someone goes to a search engine, they are already searching for some product, topic, or service they are interested in. This is what we would call the SEO effect.

Search engine optimization for HVAC is about putting yourself in front of an individual's questions and offering a solution. When you have the right long tail keywords, metadata, backlinking, being performed, you can expect to listed higher on search engines, making it easier for your possible customers to find you for their needs. By having more individuals see your content, it will translate into more leads for your business. These leads translate into more possible sales helping to grow your businesses overall ROI. The whole point of HVAC SEO is to get you visible to your client base so they choose you over competitors helping your bottom line and future sales.

With the right HVAC Digital Marketing Agency, you should expect:

  • Strengthen Your Brand
  • Increase High Quality Leads
  • Better ROI
  • Expansive Search Engine Visibility

Best Elements Found In An HVAC Marketing Company

We strive to help grow HVAC businesses by means of a unique and SEO optimized website build, focusing on the content creation, to the circle of directories that encompass your business online. We follow the approach of holistic marketing which consists of four main components that we use here at L4 Group as part of our HVAC digital marketing strategy.

Holistic marketing is an integral marketing application of an idea that considers the full scope of a business as compared to narrowly focusing on the execution of a particular set of marketing activities or the development. A holistic marketing approach is contingent on the design, development, and implementation of marketing applications, programs, processes, and activities for the business as a whole. Holistic marketing acknowledges that everything matters within marketing and that a broad, focused perspective is necessary to achieve the best possible solution for growth. The way these are achieved are by using the main components to holistic marketing which are:

  • Internal Marketing - Directed at serving the specific needs of the HVAC business's employees, which makes certain that employees are happy with the work they perform everyday. Combined with the culture, business philosophy, and direction of the organization will take as a whole. A higher satisfaction among employees leads to an increase in customer satisfaction over time.
  • Integrated Marketing - HVAC businesses work towards making marketing decisions that create value for clients through a clear and sound marketing message. Ensuring that the company's customers and business partners have the same experience.
  • Socially Responsible Marketing - Extends a HVAC company's reach beyond the individuals consuming its goods or services to society as a whole. It is aimed at creating marketing plans that are based on ethically sound business practices.
  • Relationship Marketing - The goal here is to build strong, long-lasting relationships with individuals connected to the HVAC business. Whether it be customers, employees, financing institutions, vendors, or suppliers, they are all necessary partners for a business to build a strong relationship with. Relationship marketing focuses on establishing strong relationships as well as also requiring the retention and growth of each relationship.

Why is Holistic Marketing important?

Brand Building - According to a study, intangible assets made up 84% of the S&P 500 market value in 2015 as compared to 1975 where they made up only 17% of the S&P 500 market value.

The customers’ mindset is changing. They believe in buying a brand and not the product alone. Holistic marketing empowers the company to build a brand among all its stakeholders.

Consistency - Consistency is important to stay in the market for long. Since holistic marketing concept involves marketing the brand to all the stakeholders and through unified communication strategies, consistency is maintained.

Efficiency - When every aspect of the business is taken care of, it becomes easier to reduce (and even eliminate) repetition, become more efficient, and save company’s time and money. The efficiency can also be seen in tapping opportunities and spotting potential threats.

Effectiveness - Holistic marketing philosophy, by focusing on the big picture, creates a synergy that effectively reinforces the brand message, brand image, and positions the brand uniquely in the minds of the customers.

HVAC Internet Marketing

When it comes to online marketing for HVAC contractors, having a digital marketing firm applying a holistic approach is what you should expect. It allows for stakeholders, employees, and clients to have the best outlook for your business all while enhancing online presence. Taking best use practices to formulate a plan and goal to see your business succeed. With the proper holistic practices, you should see an increase in your brand awareness. As branding is essential to the future of your company from clients to stakeholders, by having a clear vision and mission to your marketing plan. Allowing all to see where the business is headed to in the future.

With the right branding, when a client sees an ad appearing on search engines or social media sites, there could be a greater chance they click through because of the trust factor in your brand. This even goes into remarketing, as when your product or service appears to follow individuals across multiple pages as an ad, giving the maximum exposure available, increasing the chance of a purchase from you. With the right holistic approach to remarketing, you’ll have your ads show up on sites that are reputable. How much would you pay to have your ad follow a prospective client as they search online?

This holistic marketing strategy even falls into your Google MyBusiness Map Listing. Having clear, correct, updated business information for clients allows for anyone to contact the company easily. Without a holistic marketing approach, you could have listings in areas that are old with outdated information or even fake business listings which are against Google’s Guidelines. Making the user experience more difficult and possibly losing out on a possible customer.

After spending 30 minutes on the phone, you will leave with a proven digital marketing plan to implement for your HVAC company. Regardless if you choose to work with L4 Group or not, the marketing plan is yours to keep, no strings attached!

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