How To Pick A Good Domain Name

picking a good domain nameA domain name is important because it is the characters or business brand in an internet name that create the main part of an internet address. A domain name is important because it sets the stage for potential clients and highlights whatever it is you want to impart on the internet to online users. It represents your brand and identity.

What To Look For In A Domain Name

There are several tips that will help you when wanting to decide on a great domain name. First, write down five terms that in your mind describe the domain or brand that you are seeking. Then, once you have made the list, begin to pair them in order to create some good domain ideas. For instance, if you want to start up an online business such as a professional writing service you may begin with professional writing or article creation. Mix and match until you have found a good match.

What Google Looks For In A Domain Name


The next step is to make your domain name unique. You want your domain name to stand out from the others. You can use a name that everyone knows but instead of spelling it the exact way, leave off the last part of it and be creative. For example, instead of spelling the word “unique” in describing the domain name, you could spell it as “Uneek”. Most importantly, you want your domain name to be easy to remember. If online users have to scramble to find your domain name, then you will lose customers and word-of-mouth to others will be lost.

Most importantly, keep the name as short as possible. Short names are easy to remember and easy to type. In addition, short names also allow for more characters in the URL and in the SERPs. Keep in mind, you want a domain name that can be instantly found and when they get to the site, their expectations will be met. For instance, presents exactly what you expect it will present. It is important to meet and exceed what online users are looking for when they see your domain name. Website design is important because it adds character and description to the site.

search engine marketingIn addition, be careful not to infringe on anyone’s copyright with your website’s name. Before you buy your domain name, check out Then, set yourself apart from others by creating a brand. A brand is much more than words, a brand name explains exactly who you are and what your business is all about. Most importantly, don’t use number and hyphens and be careful not to follow the latest trends.

To conclude, choosing a domain name is not difficult; however, it does require some research like deciding on a unique name and then making it happen.

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