marketing planIt is common knowledge that you cannot succeed without marketing your business. However, it may be a little tough if you are on a shoestring budget. This article covers what you need to know about marketing on a limited budget.

Create An Amazing Blog

Blogs are inexpensive ways to capture and retain good prospects for your business. The trick is to write informative, engaging, and interesting content and share it out on your website, social media, and other sites.

Join Google My Business

It is important for your business to be found on searches in your locality. If your business is not serving the whole country, the relevant traffic is the one that comes from your locality. Google My Business is a service by Google Local that enables your business to appear in the local searches for similar services. It also helps to make the business visible on Google+ and Google maps.

Build A Mailing List

A mailing list is an essential part of the marketing strategy as it creates a number of prospects that are ready to receive communications from your firm. Due to your financial constraints, avoid the premium email management services. Instead, go for free services such as MailChimp or a cheap email service such as AWeber.

Capitalize On Local Networking Events

The networking opportunities are golden moments to connect with fellow business and potential clients. Grab the opportunity whenever there are business forums, seminars, and exhibitions to meet your customers. You may buy some space at the local exhibition to increase your visibility during the event.

Create Instructional Videos

Valuable content is highly valuable all over the internet. It does not take a lot of cash to have professional looking instructional videos on YouTube as they can be done off a good smartphone. Moreover, you may consider making slides if video becomes too much of a challenge. Use the videos to market your services.

Become A Social Networker

Create social media accounts for your business. Big social media sites such as LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook have a potential for creating loyal fans and potential leads to your business. The choice of specific social media account to open depends on the business that you are in. If you target the corporates, consider opening such accounts such as LinkedIn and Twitter. If your business is image oriented an Instagram and Pinterest account would be the best.

For the social media strategy to be effective, you should post regularly, post interest information and keep engaging your audience by use of surveys, feedback, and asking questions.

Ask For Referrals

Do not shy away from asking for referrals from your businesses network as well as the clients that you have served. The world of mouth advertising is very effective compared with PUSH marketing strategies. Prospects are more likely to believe the information given by fellow clients than your advertising messages.

Build Relationships With Clients

It is easier to retain a customer than get a new one. This makes establishing relationships with clients an essential part of your marketing program. Ensure that you excite your clients with quality service and then enlist them to opt-in email campaigns. Keep an open and regular communication with past clients, telling them of your new offers.

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