One of the biggest problems in content marketing is finding an interesting topic to write about. However, contrary to what most inexperienced bloggers think, blog topics are everywhere. Regularly adding new content to a website is an effective and affordable way to boost traffic. Some people write articles and add them as new web pages. Others add their content as blog posts. Regardless of how one does it, content marketing is a very effective way to boost traffic to a website.


The Challenge

Adding new content is great; however, one must ensure that the content added is attracting the right visitors. Essentially, one must know what to write. For most small businesses, finding 20 interesting blog topics may seem like an impossible challenge. After working through the most obvious topics, such as announcing company news, describing the products and/or services they sell, and providing answers to FAQs, finding something else to write about can be tricky.

A good blog topic should be both interesting enough to separate one’s business from other businesses in the same field and relevant to prospective clients. Listed below are 3 great sources of fresh topics to blog about.

blog topicsOld Blog Articles

Bloggers should review their website analytics tool to find articles or blog posts that have performed well for them in the past. If a blog post or article received a particularly high amount of comments or traffic, it is proof that that topic attracted a lot of attention. One should then breathe new life into that topic and add it as fresh content on one’s website. Also, some of the information in the old content may have changed since it was first posted. If so, one should write an updated version or explain the topic in more depth.

Current Events

One of the best ways to come up with fresh content for a blog is to follow the day–to–day news and headlines. There is usually some way in which one can tie current events to business. In fact, search engines love it when one does this because the topics match what is currently trending.


tips on how to find blog topicsWhatever topic one decides to write about, chances are that someone else is doing it too. Thus, a blogger can use his/her competitors as a source of new inspiration. A blogger can subscribe to his/her competitors’ blogs to receive their content automatically. This is a great way to keep an eye on one’s competition and to learn about what they are telling their customers.

Other ways of finding fresh blog topics include: using keyword research tools, topics that Google is suggesting, writing about topics that are getting shared, and interviewing people. Content marketing is a tricky business; however, the reward for creating fresh and interesting content on a regular basis is worth the effort.

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