recession-proof your businessAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, small businesses created 42% of all the jobs created in the US economy between the period 1992 and 2013. As of 2013, small firms in the USA accounted for 48.5% of all private-sector employment and were the prime moving force behind the economy. What is true for the US is true for the entire world.

Yet, despite being so vital for the global economy, small firms face issues like limited capital and lack of easy access to funding and are the first to face trouble during an economic downturn or recession. This is why you should focus on innovative strategies, including a holistic approach to SEO, to recession-proof your business.

How Can Good SEO Help Your Business?

Since everybody relies on search engines to ‘find’ the right website or online resources, how your business ranks on the results page of search engines will have a huge impact on your online visibility and social credibility. And what is the best way to reach the first page of search engine rankings and stay there for a long period of time—good SEO.

Benefits of Smart SEO

Top rankings achieved through holistic SEO will ensure everybody—potential customers, leads, suppliers, investors, and even future employees—will get to know about your site every time they search for your targeted keywords. Visibility combined with an online presence through websites and social media profiles will automatically increase the size of your sales pipeline. Without SEO, your online assets will never be visible to your targeted audience.

Secondly, if you sell products online, SEO will help you developed an alternate customer base that goes beyond your city or state. An effective SEO strategy will help you explore new markets situated halfway across the globe without costing a small fortune. The expanded market base of your firm can help you increase revenue and boost profits even in the middle of a recession.

SEO and recessionsThirdly, SEO will help you understand the changing preferences of your fickle customer base. Tracking customer preferences and identifying a general shift towards mobile websites, social marketing, and personalized marketing can help you modify your marketing strategies and tactics well in advance. When recession strikes, you will be in a great position to convert it into a growth opportunity for your firm.

Finally, SEO helps you stay on your toes. Entrepreneurial success is all about being imaginative, dynamic, and eschewing a formulaic approach. With search engines releasing frequent updates and algorithm changes, you will have to focus on creating real quality for your online customers. This will automatically help you out-think and out-strategize your competitors in the real world as well.

Successful entrepreneurs always advise firms to treat every crisis as an opportunity. With effective SEO, you can use the next economic slowdown to overtake your competitors and become the market leader.

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