6 Reasons Your HVAC Business Should Be Using Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertisingIf you have yet to harness the power of Facebook advertising for your heating and cooling company, you do not know what you are missing.

A staggering 80% of consumers preferred to connect with businesses through Facebook as opposed to any other methods.

Many users have a Facebook app on their phone which allows users to easily access Facebook. In fact, it not only allows consumers to connect through Facebook but they tend to connect to Facebook consistently throughout the day. As an heating, ventilating, and air conditioning business, Facebook offers affordable marketing methods with a large return. Here are 6 great reasons why Facebook advertising can help your HVAC business heat up.

Reach More Mobile Users

Currently, there are 1.19 billion mobile monthly Facebook users. These days, more customers connect with businesses through their mobile phone than with any other device. In 2014, smartphones became the preferred way to surf the web – even surpassing desktops.

Targeted Advertising

Facebook allows you to bring your ads to people who are searching for exactly what you offer. For instance, if a user mentioned an air conditioning issue on their wall – Facebook’s webcrawlers would take note and use your ad on their screen. This kind of targeted marketing allows you to reach customers when they need you most. It is possible to hyper target your ads to geo specific areas, age brackets, home ownership and more targeting options.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Facebook fans are your best friend and the majority of consumers rely almost solely on friend referrals to find new companies worth taking a shot on. Facebook fans build customer loyalty but they also contribute to your advertising efforts. When a fan likes your page, their “like” will be visible on their wall for the next 50 pages of content they enter.

Refresh Ads Quicker

Ad creation is lightening fast on Facebook when compared to other medias. If you bore easily of your old ads, you can switch it up. This is great news for design-minded HVAC companies who feel that fresh content is the best content. It is also easy to split test your ads to determine which ads perform best.

Affordable Marketing With High Returns

Because your ad is shown only where it has potential, you will be paying a much smaller price tag for Facebook advertising than you would with any other medium. Because Facebook advertising is so affordable, you may also be able to afford larger scale packages that offer even high returns.

Facebook Advertising Offers Better Branding For Heating And Cooling Companies

Facebook allows you to build your brand in a way that is truly unmatched. With careful consideration of what you post, you can increase your brand’s likability and create a reputation of expertise in your industry. Consider offering free Q & A on your Facebook page or hosting a contest to increase your brand’s visibility. You can also offer incentives for friend referrals, post Facebook-exclusive coupons to make services more affordable and offer tips for keeping energy bills low during the heat of summer.

Whether you are new to Facebook advertising or have been at it for a while, social media marketing is more important now than ever before and can make or break the growth of your business. When you take the time to invest in your social media outreach, you will ultimately be investing in an increase of revenue and better branding.

heating and cooling company at client's houseMany heating and cooling business owners have not taken advantage of Facebook advertising either for lack of time or understanding.

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