Effective Content Marketing Strategies For 2016

content marketing strategies for 2016Did you know that just 37% out of the 76% of marketers who regularly use content marketing to advertise their business report effectiveness with this strategy? Could it be that those who are less than effective are just throwing something out there hoping it will work? During the formative years of social media, just one tweet, a coupon or two, and showing up to chat with visitors was enough to have potential customers around the world sitting up and taking notice of your brand. Things have changed. With the massive amounts of content online today, consumers are more discerning about what captures their attention. Attracting an audience’s attention and converting them to customers has become much tougher.

No one has to tell you that having an effective content marketing strategy is necessary for success, but with all the marketing changes taking place rapidly, what exactly should that look like? The only way to find out is to automatically communicate with your readers and track their engagement. More than ever before, you must learn how to build a great content marketing plan, and here is what you need to know.


According to research by the Content Marketing Institute, it is important to document the strategies you use for content marketing. This study shows that marketers are less likely to feel overwhelmed along the way while experiencing gratification from the effectiveness of their plans when they document their strategies. This helped them justify the money they spent on content marketing.

Documentation should include actionable steps and spelling out how why you should be using content marketing. Long term goals should be part of it along with ideas for future content. Don’t forget to meet with your team of marketing experts regularly to go over and adjust your strategy where necessary.

Keep Up With Changes

It isn’t enough to just fill your sites with content, make necessary upgrades to that content and keep it fresh and evergreen. You must also optimize for a mobile market as well. Today’s consumer takes their phone or table with them everywhere they go, and spend time searching and shopping while there. You have to keep up with these changes or you will fall flat in the content marketing world.

Social Media

Where would any marketer be without social media today? Although it is the only channel by which you can advertise your offerings, working it into your overall content marketing plan is vital for ultimate effectiveness. Social media should be part of every content marketing strategy.


Don’t Overlook Your Offline Audience

Ignoring your offline audience is counterproductive and can result in loss of revenue. No one wants that, so be sure to cross-promote at every opportunity. Take a look under the bottle cap of any Honest Tea product to see what I mean. This company adds words of wisdom for customers to read and many share these via selfies with friends and others in their social networks. Imagine how that little process is adding to the company’s bottom line.

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