Google researchMost business owners already know how important online marketing is to their business. After all, the vast majority of consumers go online to look up products, services and any other type of information they may need. The main objective of online marketing is to make a website more visible to Internet users when they run an online search using Google Search. To achieve this, Google first indexes every web page that is publicly available. After indexing, search results can easily be generated when users run a search.

What is Indexing?

Indexing is basically a method of organizing information. Google uses a special software (Googlebots), also known as web crawlers, to find publicly available web pages. The search algorithm then creates an index specifying the words and location of these web pages. The data is then sent back to Google servers and saved. When Internet users run a search on a given word, the algorithm looks up the index to find the exact locations of pages containing the same word and displays the results.

Google searchIn a bid to ensure that Google users get the most relevant results, the search engine ranks the web pages based on their relevance to the search term. For instance, if an Internet user runs a search on the word storage, the search engine will give priority rankings to sites containing articles, photos, and videos of storage options among other things. The most recently updated pages that have been optimized for the keyword ‘storage’ will also get a higher ranking. Google updates its search algorithm regularly to make it easier for users to find what they want on the world wide web.

As mentioned earlier, the search engine is designed to consider a wide range of factors when serving up search results. Online marketing experts and SEO professionals know all these factors, so they can easily tweak your website to ensure it gets a higher page rank. In a world of instant gratification, today’s consumer does not have patience, so if your website does not appear in the first page of search results, they will consider visiting another site, meaning that your visibility will be next to zero. Fortunately, a well-designed website containing plagiarism-free content and is frequently updated with fresh content will always get a decent ranking. That said, understanding how Google indexes your website is very important if you are to implement a successful online marketing campaign for your brand.


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