How To Get Your Blog Noticed

content marketing strategiesBlogging is an effective way of improving a brand presence online, acquiring sales leads, and disseminating information. However, attracting traffic to a new blog is often difficult. As difficult as it may be, content marketing has proven to be quite effective and worth any business owner’s attention. Here are some tips on how to get your blog noticed by your target audience:

Original Content

According to figures published on Quora, 1.13 million blog posts are published daily meaning they have to fight for the attention of consumers alongside influential web segments like social media. An effective way of maintaining web relevance in such an environment is by publishing original content regularly. The first few readers will inform others and so on leading to steady buildup of traffic over time.

Follow Consumers

After setting up your blog, follow your target audience into web communities where they congregate in large numbers and engage them. For instance, you can create a brand page on popular social networking sites and post links to your blog that interested consumers can open. You should also pay attention to popular e-commerce sites, wikis, bulletin boards, and review sites. At the same time, you should note that millennials tend to visit sites that are different from those visited by, say, baby boomers. As such, you must know where to find your target audience.

Use Relevant Keywords

Include relevant keywords in your blog posts to make it easier for search engine bots to index and rank your blog properly. What’s more, keywords will help you continue creating and publishing posts that are useful to readers.

Publish Shareable Content

The tendency of people to share content with others has made some pieces of content go viral (attract massive traffic within a short period). You can improve the chances of your blog going viral by including sharing buttons on your blog posts and linking back to any post you quote on other sites of web platforms.


Use calls-to-action to encourage your followers to take actions such as joining an email list, visiting a landing page, commenting, or buying a product/service. These actions are important because they increase the engagements/interactions between brands and consumers.

Fix Broken Links

Broken links could lead to higher bounce rates, lower conversion rates, and lower page views. Luckily, you can install a “broken link checker” to alert you when a link is likely to return an error code.

Optimize Posts To Load Fast

Create and publish blog posts optimized to load fast. This includes image, code, and video content optimization. However, it is advisable to optimize certain non-essential JavaScript code and external style sheets to load only after loading HTML code. This ensures that key page elements including text load as soon as a link is opened. When optimizing videos, you should use plugins that automatically detect the data speeds of web users and then serve content using the appropriate video format.


getting your blog noticedTo ensure your blog stands out from the rest, create and post original content, optimize posts to load fast, follow consumers, include relevant keywords in all posts, use action calls, publish shareable content and fix broken links.

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